Shorty’s 2019 Sunday

October 13, it was time for Shorty’s 2019 Sunday. The schedule of the day was the same as the day before, but there were some significant changes for me. You can read all about it below and watch some of my videos with supporting footage.

‘Shorty’s 2019 Sunday’ October 13, it was time for Shorty’s 2019 Sunday. The schedule of the day was the same as the day before, but there were some significant changes for me. You can read all about it here and watch some of my videos with supporting footage:

Same schedule on Shorty’s 2019 Sunday as on the day before

The program was the same as the one on Saturday, except that we did not have an opening ceremony in the morning but a closing ceremony in the evening. As a result, nobody really knew how to start the day. As I was having breakfast, Dom was sitting at the table next to me, so I knew the day was not going to start on the time that was mentioned in the schedule. I guess the party the night before took its toll on both guests and organizers 😉

When I arrived in the main hall, people were talking to each other, playing some basketball, and relaxing. Everybody was waiting until someone told them to go to the photo op room. When the first passes were called, I went upstairs to that room as well. The photo ops went the same as the day before. You could tell everybody was even more relaxed (and tired) than the day before, so there was this lovely vibe in the room.

Shorty’s 2019 Sunday started with an interview with Natalie Krill

Because Sunday was less busy in terms of extras, I was called for an interview with Natalie pretty early. I had kind of given my hopes up, so this interview opportunity took me by surprise. It took me some time to gather my stuff, and Natalie reassured me that if it were not working out, she would be available at another time. I did not know what I expected her to be like, but man, that was amazing. I immediately felt relaxed enough for the interview, and I think it turned out well. You can be the judge of that very soon! I asked her about Wynonna Earp and Below Her Mouth, in case you’re interested.

An interview with Tamara Duarte

Quickly after that, Tamara also had some time for an interview with me. I had briefly spoken with her at the ClexaCon 2018 red carpet, so I already knew what her energy was like. That actually helps me much when preparing interviews in my head, so I was more ready for this one. We talked about Rosita (because I REALLY want Rosita back), she answered a fan question, and I asked her about current projects.

My first photo op ever happened on Shorty’s 2019 Sunday

I have never had a photo op before. I usually run around trying to cover everything, so I never want to block out time where I can’t respond to things that happen on the go. But most of all, I already feel so fortunate that I get to spend time with the people I interview that I do not know what to do during a photo op. Nevertheless, I always get asked why I never do, so I decided that Shorty’s might be the place and time for me to lose my photo op virginity. I asked the organization if I could join the group photo moment, and they told me it was ok.

So, I was waiting for the line to come to an end. However, at that very moment, I found out that I was probably going to interview Dom right after this group photo op. What?! I had to cut the line (thank you to the person who was totally fine with that!) and take the photo. I told them I had never had a photo op before, and Melanie said: “Well, welcome!” For some reason, I did not mess up, and the photo actually looked nice! Now I get why people want to do the photo op: it’s super fun!

An interview with Dominique Provost-Chalkley

No time to process, however! I had to hurry outside to rehearse my questions for Dom in my head. I heard I had three minutes only because it was time for lunch. I don’t know what happened, but the moment she walked over I felt relaxed. She seems so together and warm, and it helped me to get the interview started. I will receive the press screener for Season of Love soon, so I wanted to ask her a few questions about that. After I was told it was ok to ask one more question, I managed to sneak in a little Buckout Road question too.

Autographs and selfies

As on Saturday, there were three panels after the lunch break. After that, it was time for the autographs and selfies again. As I just had my first ever photo op, I also had my very first photo pick-up moment. I was hoping for it to look decent, and I was so happy when I saw the result. Not bad!

The only complaint I heard during Shorty’s was that the photo quality was terrible. I had also seen some proof of that complaint: blurry images and unfortunate compositions. Mine seemed fine, so you definitely had to be lucky. That is the only thing I can think of that Shorty’s can improve next year because everything else was just so nice (in my experience at least.)

When the lines started to come to an end, I was able to score Tamara’s autograph and a selfie, and then a selfie with Melanie. I admit it once again, my selfie game sucks.

Shorty’s end

When Dom signed her final photo, everybody went to the closing ceremony. It was brief but sweet. I had some dinner afterward and started to wander a bit to see if I recognized some friendly faces. I hung out a little bit, but my body was slowly beginning to protest louder and louder. So, it was time for me to go back to my room.

The next day, I made sure I had a group to fill the shuttle bus to the train station, so we could all leave earlier than the shuttle bus was scheduled. It might be possible my fellow Earpers regretted that decision later. I told them what train to take, as I had taken that exact same train on Friday. However, after ten minutes, it became clear that yes, it was the right train but no, it was not the right direction. Oh my God. I apologize once again! I am usually pretty good at directions, but the moment a group depends on me, I mess up apparently…

That left me with little time in Milan, so I went to the airport to buy a gift for my son and to drink my first coffee in days. And what a nice Italian one it was!

More Shorty’s footage

I have already uploaded quite some footage from Shorty’s, but I have much more. I will upload three interviews, and I still have hours of BTS to sort out. If you want to know what I upload the moment I upload it, I suggest you subscribe to my YouTube channel. Or, you can follow my Shorty’s category.