RED Webseries Interview LFF2019 [Part 2]

RED Webseries Interview LFF2019 [Part 2]

The most magical moment of Love Fan Fest 2019 for me was the interview I had with Ana Paula Lima, Luciana Bollina, and Germana Belo of RED. This is the first part of the interview. In the second part of this interview, we discussed season four and five, the shooting style of RED, and how they do not pick sides when it comes to their characters’ relationship. Or, they might. Below, the questions and answers of this RED webseries interview LFF2019 have been written down, but you can also watch the video under this image. 

‘RED Webseries Interview LFF2019 [Part 2]’ The most magical moment of Love Fan Fest 2019 for me was the interview I had with Ana Paula Lima, Luciana Bollina, and Germana Belo of RED. In the second half of this interview, we discussed season four and five, the shooting style of RED, and how they do not pick sides when it comes to their characters’ relationship. Or, they might:

RED webseries interview LFF2019: season four

Me: “We were still talking about season four, and I thought it was so well done. I really felt the hurt while watching it grow apart. I had a hard time watching that relationship coming to an end. For me, the most heartbreaking to watch was when your character [speaking to Ana] was actually becoming more uncomfortable with the relationship and who she was becoming, but you didn’t say anything. Those scenes where you did not say anything, and you just watched, those are so powerful. I was wondering, how did you prepare for those?”

Ana Paula Lima: “We have been doing this for such a long time, like for five years. Each year, I get to know Liz better. I think she has changed a lot and she changed me as well. It’s funny because it’s like I have all those feelings with me since the first season. She is a character that struggles all the time with what her feelings are and how she should deal with that. So yeah, I think it comes organically because of her, you know?”


Ana: “The more I get to know her, and why she acts like this, it’s what feeds me to put this feeling in the scene. I’m like: okay, she thinks like this and she thinks like this because of this. Sometimes, I create a story for myself that Germana didn’t give to me. What happened to her when she was a child? Who is her mom? Who is her dad? How does she feel when she has a lot of people around her? Does she feel awkward or not awkward, you know? This feeds me a lot.”

RED webseries interview LFF2019: finally watching season four

Me: “Did you both feel differently after reading the script for season four and finally watching it on screen?”

Luciana Bollina: “It’s always a surprise because Fernando doesn’t let us see anything. Nothing! It’s ergh. Now, we are used to it, but in the first season, I was like: ‘Why Fernando? Come on, let me see this.’ ‘No. Just when I finish it.’ So, seven months later, we can see it. It’s a really good surprise, actually.”

Ana: “Now, we trust each other so much. That’s what is beautiful because then we can really jump to the characters, and I think it’s amazing when I watch. Nowadays, I don’t want to watch. I want to be surprised, and I always do this. So, that’s what I think is amazing; we really trust each other to work like this. It’s special.”

RED webseries interview LFF2019: handheld camera

Me: “One thing that makes RED unique to me is the way it is shot. You can tell it’s often done with a handheld camera. I don’t know what the technique is. Either the camera is really close to your face, or it’s really zoomed in. Did you have to get used to that in the beginning? Was it awkward, or was it fine?”

Luciana: “It was very funny at the beginning. Yeah. We were on the bed, and Fernando was like here [gestures]. One foot here, one foot there and the camera like here [gestures]. Fernando was like this [imitates]. And Ana and I had to like [mimics making out]. It was very funny.”

Germana: “We had one lens. So, to do a close-up, he [shows the camera in Luciana’s face]. They would have to be sexy and feel so into it and Fernando, well, it was almost like a threesome.”

[All laugh]

Luciana: “It was really, really funny. But Fernando is a very serious man. So, we would laugh, and Fernando would be like [serious voice] ‘Okay.’ Okay, breathe, breathe. Because I would start laughing and he would be like [serious voice again] ‘Okay, next scene.’”

RED webseries interview LFF2019: season five

Me: “Can we talk about season five, or is it too early?

Ana: “No, we can talk, yeah! For me, what is special in this season is that we get to know the characters by themselves. How is Liz just with Liz? How is Mel being Mel? It is not about relationships just with each other. It’s the relationships they have with themselves. What are they struggling with, and why? And that’s what makes it special because our time to tell the story is so short that sometimes, we miss these details. So, this season five is special to me for this. We don’t miss this; it’s about this.”

RED webseries interview LFF2019: Victoria

Me: “My next question is not a question. I’m just going to say something, and then you can respond. It’s a name: Victoria.”

[Luciana starts laughing]

Ana: “Who is Victoria? Tell me!”

[Both laugh]

Ana: “An amazing friend, co-working friend. Bela is the best, a really, really great actress.”

Luciana: “You know, there’s always an ex. So, it’s a representative character that the past is there and something that was special. So, I think it was a very interesting conflict between them. But I have my opinion.”

[we all laugh]


Luciana: “Yeah. I really don’t understand Liz. No, I get the struggle but oh my God, tell me. All the silence is killing me, killing Mel. As an audience, I was like: ‘Oh Liz, tell her and fix it. That’s okay. She didn’t love her.’”

Ana: “And I was like, ‘Well if she didn’t love her, why?’ But we don’t take sides. We don’t judge.”

[Both laugh]

Me: “Why did you write Victoria into the story?”

Germana: “We imagined Mel’s ex in the first season, and we planned to bring her, maybe not exactly how it turned out to be. But we decided that if we got to season three or four, we had this background story for Mel that included an ex.”


Germana: “But what I think was interesting was that she didn’t come in to be between them. What you see and the reason why they grow apart was not because of Victoria. It was mostly because of Liz’ issues with the relationship and insecurities, and how she could no longer recognize herself in that relationship.  I think Mel didn’t give any indication that she would be interested in anything with Victoria since the beginning. Maybe it was a threat for Liz, but she was not introduced like that. The same way Rafaela was not introduced as a threat to Mel. So, we have two exes, but they were not there to be between them. What tore them apart was just what was going on in the relationship and not people outside of it.”

Ana: “It’s more mature like that, right?”

Germana: “Yeah, and I think that if they get to the point where they have a mature relationship, they would gladly accept each other’s exes, as a part of their lives. It wouldn’t be a problem.”

RED webseries interview LFF2019: mother-daughter relationship

Me: “I think season five has two strong concepts in it. The mother-daughter relationship, that’s really tough. It’s always in life; it has so many dimensions. How did you prepare for that? How did that come across for you?”

Luciana: “That was really hard because that relationship is so real life. Mel just gets insecure around her mother. In season five, you will see; it gets deeper. You can see the love; it’s not just demanding things and ‘you don’t do this or do this.’ It’s a real relationship. It’s my opinion that Mel really cares about her mother and her opinion, and so she’s always like ‘Oh my God.’ So, it’s very interesting. The mother of Mel will be deeper in season five.”

Watch season five

In my final question, I mention two concepts. I did not want to mention the other one because I do not want to spoil too much for people who have not watched all the episodes yet. You can watch all of RED on Vimeo. Also, you can enjoy these other videos of Love Fan Fest 2019.

Next week, I will publish the second part of the interview. There, we talk about season 4 and 5 in more detail. In the meantime, you can enjoy these other videos and blog posts about Love Fan Fest 2019.

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