Love Fan Fest 2019 Sunday [Wynonna Earp, RED, Skam España, Carmilla]

Love Fan Fest 2019 Sunday

June 30, 2019, marked the second and final day of the second edition of Love Fan Fest. On Love Fan Fest 2019 Sunday, I visited many panels, talked to RED for a second time, and went to the closing party. You can read all about it in this blog post, or you can watch the vlog I made of this day. This vlog has a special message from RED and the full closing party. You can find it below this image.

‘Love Fan Fest 2019 Sunday’ June 30, 2019, marked the second and final day of the second edition of Love Fan Fest. On Love Fan Fest 2019 Sunday, I visited many panels, talked to RED for a second time, and went to the closing party. You can read all about it in this blog post:
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Love Fan Fest 2019 Sunday started with the WayHaught panel

On Love Fan Fest Sunday, I started a bit later than on Saturday. After all, on Saturday, I had to pick up my press pass at 8 a.m. On this day, I didn’t have anything planned until around 11 a.m. The WayHaught panel was planned at this time, which was fun as always. Kat took her parents with her, and I immediately noticed them on the side of the stage. They were looking really proud and then Kat introduced them to the audience, which obviously gave a big round of applause.

Someone in the audience had this really good idea of giving them lines from certain scenes. The other person had to guess what the follow-up line was. It was really funny to see how competitive Kat and Dom both were.

It’s funny to look back at these Wynonna Earp panels. They had heard that they were starting filming season four already and we had not yet. So, sometimes, with the answers that they gave, you can tell that they were really looking for ways not to reveal the truth.

Skam España panel

Then, we had to leave the room for the next panel. I think it was actually the first time we completely had to clear the room. It was time for Skam España. I had not watched that show, so I was surprised to see the incredibly long line waiting to get back into the panel room. They obviously have a huge number of fans. That made me realize I probably had to watch that show.

I wanted to know a bit more about the show, so I visited the panel. Unfortunately, I could not understand it as it was in Spanish. I did return at the end of the panel and realized they sometimes said something in English. So, I could have stayed, but I thought I’d be wasting my time. I still want to check out the show, though!

RED panel

Then, it was time for the RED panel. I absolutely love listening to them. I know quite a lot about the show as I had interviewed them the day before, but because of the fans’ questions, I still heard some new things.

It’s beautiful to see how incredibly grateful they were for being present at Love Fan Fest. I truly think they deserve all the exposure and support they can get. Season 5 is out now. If you haven’t watched the show already, please pay for a season if you hit a paywall. It is worth every penny.

Melanie Scrofano’s panel

After RED’s panel, it was time for Melanie Scrofano’s panel. She cracks me up every single time.

However, there was also one serious, special moment. It really had an impact on me when she told everybody she had had treatment for an eating disorder. Apparently, she has talked about it before, but I didn’t know. And the beauty of it was that she told about it after having been asked what she was proud of. She has obviously come to terms with it. You can tell it affected the room. She received a big round of applause.

Love Fan Fest 2019 Sunday ended with the Hollstein panel

The next panel was the Hollstein panel. Natasha and Elise were happy to be on stage again. The funny thing was that the same person who asked Kat and Dom the lines questions asked Natasha and Elise that question.

Elise immediately got really nervous. She said it was like her nightmare where she was standing on stage in a play that she’d done years ago and she can’t remember the lines. Carmilla was recorded about five years ago. She definitely had a hard time remembering the lines, which was just hilarious to watch.

They praised the person of the question. Dana, who often moderates their panels, always has these really fun things for them to do on stage and this one definitely had the same quality.

Another season?

One thing that I remember from this panel is that Elise asked the audience if, if they would make another Camilla season, would we all watch it again? Would we be interested in that? The entire room responded with a ‘yes, of course,’ which kind of surprised both Natasha and Elise. They didn’t know that that would still be a thing, which in turn surprised the room. She stated that she didn’t have any information about a possible season 4, but she just wanted to know. Well, I hope they will think about it now that they know this.

Love Fan Fest 2019 Sunday: final autographs

The Hollstein panel was actually the last panel of Love Fan Fest 2019 Sunday. Then, there was a giant time block scheduled for autographs. This was the only event happening at this particular time, so that meant that every con guest was signing and every con visitor was waiting in line for an autograph. It was a huge queue. I didn’t want to film it because waiting in line is no fun. I didn’t want to upset people.

After a while, I was called into the autograph room. I was not allowed to be there as press; it was just for the con’s own videographers. However, I was allowed to talk to RED for a few minutes. As a result, I was able to ask them one question: how had they experienced the weekend of Love Fan Fest?

Rewatching this footage made me happy all over again. You can watch it in the vlog I posted online. Slowly but gradually, people were done getting their autographs. The first post-con blues started to hit people. We realized it was time to say goodbye to people we would not see in a while because they live in a different country or even on a different continent

Closing party

But first, closing party! Everybody started to gather in the panel room. We had to wait a bit. People started to throw a ball in a basketball hoop. What? Watch the vlog.

Then, all the actors came on stage together. Like last year, the final moment of Love Fan Fest 2019 Sunday was emotional with lots of love and gratitude. We all watched a video together about this second edition of LFF.

Every actor had a moment to say something. I don’t think anybody could have counted all the tears that were shed. The closing party lasted about twenty minutes, so that means there were a lot of tears, words of kindness, and rounds of applause. And with that, the second edition of Love Fan Fest 2019 came to an end!

Love Fan Fest 2019 Sunday means final goodbyes

I was hungry, but I didn’t feel like leaving and saying goodbyes, so I ended up staying until around 10 p.m. I had some really meaningful conversations and final hugs. That was it for me too.

Yes, the upcoming weeks, I will still have blog posts and videos about Love Fan Fest. So, stay tuned!