Becks – Short & Sweet LGBTQ Movie Reviews

Becks – Short & Sweet LGBTQ Movie Reviews

This week, you can find the very first review of my blog and vlog series called Short & Sweet LGBTQ Movie Reviews. As the name says, these reviews will be short and sweet and they will be accompanied by a short and sweet vlog. This week, I will talk about Becks and I will try not to give away (too many) spoilers. I mentioned before that I really wanted to watch it and now I have, so here it goes!

‘Becks – Short & Sweet LGBTQ Movie Reviews’ In this week’s Short & Sweet LGBTQ Movie Reviews, I talk about Becks. I list the 4 things that I like about this movie and explain the perfect mood for watching it. You can find it here:

What I liked about Becks: the music

The first thing that I liked about Becks was that music was a big part of the movie without the movie immediately having to be a musical. I love musicals but sometimes, you just want to listen to good music and normal dialogues. Moreover, it turned out I actually liked the songs. I mean, sometimes I either hate the lyrics or the voice but no, this time, I sincerely enjoyed the songs.

What I liked: the actors

Lena Hall looks like someone I could be. I mean, if I was able to sing songs. Still, she seemed so normal. I could relate to her. I always find Mena Suvari a joy to watch so I was happy to find out she was in this movie and that she played an LGBTQ character.

Oh, and I did not know Hayley Kiyoko yet. I did not know Lesbian Jesus yet?! No, I live under a rock, sorry. I liked this introduction to her though. I thought she had a really interesting face to follow and I always love it when people take on the role of an egocentric person. You love to hate her but in the short moments you see her and Becks together, you do see the affection. Rather than merely portraying her as a bitch, the movie makes you understand why they were together.

What I liked: the ending

I liked the ending and I did not. Watch it and you know why. The entire movie, you are wondering whether this is just going to be the cliché falling-for-a-straight-chick storyline but if you though so, the ending might surprise you.

What I liked about Becks: the party

You know the party. You are the only LGBTQ person. But wait! You will not be for long because so-and-so is coming. Wink, wink. You already feel awkward without the person actually being at the party but things only become more awkward when the other person arrives.

Alternatively, you are the person being promised to the other guest. You arrive and you notice immediately that you have failed to meet expectations without knowing that you were supposed to meet them in the first place.

Yup, that moment is portrayed perfectly in this movie.

Perfect for what mood?

Becks is perfect if you want something easy to watch, if you do not set very high expectations, if you take for granted a few cliché plot twists, and if you want to laugh a few times. Basically, if you simply want a chill evening, Becks is a good choice.

If you want to watch it, you can find Becks on iTunes (download) and Amazon (download + DVD). Do not forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel!