Who is Greetje den Holder?

Hello, my name is Greetje den Holder and I am the writer of the Meemoeder.com blog. I started writing business blogs in 2012 and since 2015, I have been writing about my family too. In short, I am a:

  • woman
  • wife
  • mother
  • lesbian
  • entrepreneur
  • amateur basketball player
  • concert and travel enthusiast
  • human being

I live in The Hague, The Netherlands but I have also spent a semester studying in Arizona, USA and half a year working in Dublin, Ireland.

Greetje den Holder

Greetje den Holder


College life was great. I hold two master’s degree. The first master’s degree I obtained was in American Studies. During the American Studies bachelor program, my minors were Film & TV studies and Gender Studies, I was an exchange student at NAU, and I decided to work at the European HQ of Xerox in Dublin. About three years later, in 2011, I obtained a master’s degree in International Business & Management. Life after college is even better. I have met my wife, founded three companies, and my wife and I are now the moms of a beautiful son. Yes, I do realize how lucky I am!

Blogs and vlogs

I write two blogs a week for Meemoeder.com, a Dutch one on Mondays and an English one on Wednesdays. The Dutch ones are about lesbian family life and the English ones are about LGBTQ events and representation. For instance, I went to ClexaCon in Las Vegas and LOVE Fan Fest in Barcelona. On YouTube, I create short vlogs to accompany those blogs. Well, occasionally, you will find longer videos as, for instance, I was able to offer exclusive press room footage from ClexaCon. Therefore, make sure you follow Meemoeder.com’s YouTube channel for all that good stuff. Also, subscribe to my newsletter to be the first to find out when my blogs and vlogs are published.