What is Meemoeder.com?

You may not know how to pronounce the word Meemoeder and you probably do not know what it means. Let me help you with the latter.

Meemoeder is the term the Dutch government uses for the mom of the lesbian couple with a kid (or kids) who has not given birth to that kid. As of June 2014, we no longer have to adopt our own children. The lesbian parents can fill out a form before the baby is born and after the baby is born, the meemoeder can go to the municipality to let it know the baby is born, becoming the legal parent immediately. Conditions are that the lesbian couple is married and that the donor is anonymous.

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Meemoeder experiences

That is a brief description of how this meemoeder thing works. Some people do not like the word, though, as it roughly translates as ‘the other mom.’ They probably believe this indicates a certain ranking. To me, the meemoeder term only mattered during the pregnancy; now, I am just a mom.

I do want to name this blog Meemoeder.com as it is exactly the word people are looking for online when they need information before and during the pregnancy. I just want to help them out by sharing my experiences. When my wife was pregnant, I was looking for some stories from other meemoeders and all I could find was information from the Government and lawyers.

Blogs about experiences, tips, and reviews

This website started out as a personal blog about my wife’s pregnancy, but it has grown into a full website with tips and reviews too. Things I focus on are family life, the LGBT+ community, and traveling. Not everything I write in Dutch will be available in English. After all, family life is very culturally determined, so some things will just make no sense to people not living in The Netherlands.

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