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  • Jamie Clayton (Sense8) talks trans representation at ClexaCon London

    Jamie Clayton visited ClexaCon London and I was happy she did. What a burst of energy she is! After watching her in Sense8 and Same Same, I loved finding out what she is like in real life. The interview led to some funny moments, I can tell you. Jamie discussed her career, the roles she would like to play, what trans roles she would like to see in the next ten years, how she feels about trans and non-trans actors playing trans roles, and how much she loves her Sense8 friends.

  • New Trans Movie: Girl

    Last Friday, I was invited by IFFR (International Film Festival Rotterdam) to visit their Mash-Up evening with Kunsthal Rotterdam, which is a museum of contemporary art. They had a pre-premiere screening of Lukas Dhont’s Girl and after that, we had the opportunity to visit the Action-Reaction exhibition and enjoy some music. In this blog post, I will briefly describe this new transgender movie. I do not want to give away too much because I highly recommend it and I just want you to see it for yourself.