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  • Season of Love Gives You All the Queer Holiday Feels

    Season of Love is the first-ever lesbian/LGBTQ+ holiday rom-com. I was able to watch the press screener of this ground-breaking Christmas movie, so in this spoiler-free blog post, I can tell you all about this new movie and why you should watch it. Here, you can also find a review video, in which Dominique Provost-Chalkley talks about her role and music in Season of Love. Screenings and purchase/rent options can be found at the bottom.

  • Passage the Series: A New Lesbian Show with Paranormal Activities

    Passage the Series: A New Lesbian Show with Paranormal Activities

    About 1.5 years ago, I was at the table reading of Passage at ClexaCon. I loved witnessing a table reading, and I am excited that this web series will finally premiere this Sunday (Oct. 6th) on Tello Films. Passage the Series is an episodic paranormal thriller centered around paranormal operative and queer mom Ali Prader as she balances her personal and professional life during a crucial shift in power. I have watched the five episodes of this new show before the premiere date, so I can tell you why you should watch it. In this blog post, I will describe three things that I like about this series..

  • I had my mind blown at ClexaCon 2018 – Part 2 (ClexaCon 2018 Day 1)

    This is part two of my ClexaCon 2018 adventure. April 4-10, I went on a trip to Las Vegas for ClexaCon, all the way from The Netherlands. Let me tell you, it was so worth the jetlag! You can find part one here. This is ClexaCon 2018 Day 1 (part two of my blog post series about ClexaCon)! In this blog, I will tell you all about the first part of my ClexaCon 2018 Day 1 experience, from visiting interesting panels and meeting interesting people to my first interview EVER.