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RED Webseries Interview LFF2019 [Part 2]

RED Webseries Interview LFF2019 [Part 2]

The most magical moment of Love Fan Fest 2019 for me was the interview I had with Ana Paula Lima, Luciana Bollina, and Germana Belo of RED. This is the first part of the interview. In the second part of this interview, we discussed season four and five, the shooting style of RED, and how they do not pick sides when it comes to their characters’ relationship. Or, they might. Below, the questions and answers of this RED webseries interview LFF2019 have been written down, but you can also watch the video under this image. 

‘RED Webseries Interview LFF2019 [Part 2]’ The most magical moment of Love Fan Fest 2019 for me was the interview I had with Ana Paula Lima, Luciana Bollina, and Germana Belo of RED. In the second half of this interview, we discussed season four and five, the shooting style of RED, and how they do not pick sides when it comes to their characters’ relationship. Or, they might: http://bit.ly/RED2LFF

RED webseries interview LFF2019: season four

Me: “We were still talking about season four, and I thought it was so well done. I really felt the hurt while watching it grow apart. I had a hard time watching that relationship coming to an end. For me, the most heartbreaking to watch was when your character [speaking to Ana] was actually becoming more uncomfortable with the relationship and who she was becoming, but you didn’t say anything. Those scenes where you did not say anything, and you just watched, those are so powerful. I was wondering, how did you prepare for those?”

Ana Paula Lima: “We have been doing this for such a long time, like for five years. Each year, I get to know Liz better. I think she has changed a lot and she changed me as well. It’s funny because it’s like I have all those feelings with me since the first season. She is a character that struggles all the time with what her feelings are and how she should deal with that. So yeah, I think it comes organically because of her, you know?”


Ana: “The more I get to know her, and why she acts like this, it’s what feeds me to put this feeling in the scene. I’m like: okay, she thinks like this and she thinks like this because of this. Sometimes, I create a story for myself that Germana didn’t give to me. What happened to her when she was a child? Who is her mom? Who is her dad? How does she feel when she has a lot of people around her? Does she feel awkward or not awkward, you know? This feeds me a lot.”

RED webseries interview LFF2019: finally watching season four

Me: “Did you both feel differently after reading the script for season four and finally watching it on screen?”

Luciana Bollina: “It’s always a surprise because Fernando doesn’t let us see anything. Nothing! It’s ergh. Now, we are used to it, but in the first season, I was like: ‘Why Fernando? Come on, let me see this.’ ‘No. Just when I finish it.’ So, seven months later, we can see it. It’s a really good surprise, actually.”

Ana: “Now, we trust each other so much. That’s what is beautiful because then we can really jump to the characters, and I think it’s amazing when I watch. Nowadays, I don’t want to watch. I want to be surprised, and I always do this. So, that’s what I think is amazing; we really trust each other to work like this. It’s special.”

RED webseries interview LFF2019: handheld camera

Me: “One thing that makes RED unique to me is the way it is shot. You can tell it’s often done with a handheld camera. I don’t know what the technique is. Either the camera is really close to your face, or it’s really zoomed in. Did you have to get used to that in the beginning? Was it awkward, or was it fine?”

Luciana: “It was very funny at the beginning. Yeah. We were on the bed, and Fernando was like here [gestures]. One foot here, one foot there and the camera like here [gestures]. Fernando was like this [imitates]. And Ana and I had to like [mimics making out]. It was very funny.”

Germana: “We had one lens. So, to do a close-up, he [shows the camera in Luciana’s face]. They would have to be sexy and feel so into it and Fernando, well, it was almost like a threesome.”

[All laugh]

Luciana: “It was really, really funny. But Fernando is a very serious man. So, we would laugh, and Fernando would be like [serious voice] ‘Okay.’ Okay, breathe, breathe. Because I would start laughing and he would be like [serious voice again] ‘Okay, next scene.’”

RED webseries interview LFF2019: season five

Me: “Can we talk about season five, or is it too early?

Ana: “No, we can talk, yeah! For me, what is special in this season is that we get to know the characters by themselves. How is Liz just with Liz? How is Mel being Mel? It is not about relationships just with each other. It’s the relationships they have with themselves. What are they struggling with, and why? And that’s what makes it special because our time to tell the story is so short that sometimes, we miss these details. So, this season five is special to me for this. We don’t miss this; it’s about this.”

RED webseries interview LFF2019: Victoria

Me: “My next question is not a question. I’m just going to say something, and then you can respond. It’s a name: Victoria.”

[Luciana starts laughing]

Ana: “Who is Victoria? Tell me!”

[Both laugh]

Ana: “An amazing friend, co-working friend. Bela is the best, a really, really great actress.”

Luciana: “You know, there’s always an ex. So, it’s a representative character that the past is there and something that was special. So, I think it was a very interesting conflict between them. But I have my opinion.”

[we all laugh]


Luciana: “Yeah. I really don’t understand Liz. No, I get the struggle but oh my God, tell me. All the silence is killing me, killing Mel. As an audience, I was like: ‘Oh Liz, tell her and fix it. That’s okay. She didn’t love her.’”

Ana: “And I was like, ‘Well if she didn’t love her, why?’ But we don’t take sides. We don’t judge.”

[Both laugh]

Me: “Why did you write Victoria into the story?”

Germana: “We imagined Mel’s ex in the first season, and we planned to bring her, maybe not exactly how it turned out to be. But we decided that if we got to season three or four, we had this background story for Mel that included an ex.”


Germana: “But what I think was interesting was that she didn’t come in to be between them. What you see and the reason why they grow apart was not because of Victoria. It was mostly because of Liz’ issues with the relationship and insecurities, and how she could no longer recognize herself in that relationship.  I think Mel didn’t give any indication that she would be interested in anything with Victoria since the beginning. Maybe it was a threat for Liz, but she was not introduced like that. The same way Rafaela was not introduced as a threat to Mel. So, we have two exes, but they were not there to be between them. What tore them apart was just what was going on in the relationship and not people outside of it.”

Ana: “It’s more mature like that, right?”

Germana: “Yeah, and I think that if they get to the point where they have a mature relationship, they would gladly accept each other’s exes, as a part of their lives. It wouldn’t be a problem.”

RED webseries interview LFF2019: mother-daughter relationship

Me: “I think season five has two strong concepts in it. The mother-daughter relationship, that’s really tough. It’s always in life; it has so many dimensions. How did you prepare for that? How did that come across for you?”

Luciana: “That was really hard because that relationship is so real life. Mel just gets insecure around her mother. In season five, you will see; it gets deeper. You can see the love; it’s not just demanding things and ‘you don’t do this or do this.’ It’s a real relationship. It’s my opinion that Mel really cares about her mother and her opinion, and so she’s always like ‘Oh my God.’ So, it’s very interesting. The mother of Mel will be deeper in season five.”

Watch season five

In my final question, I mention two concepts. I did not want to mention the other one because I do not want to spoil too much for people who have not watched all the episodes yet. You can watch all of RED on Vimeo. Also, you can enjoy these other videos of Love Fan Fest 2019.

Next week, I will publish the second part of the interview. There, we talk about season 4 and 5 in more detail. In the meantime, you can enjoy these other videos and blog posts about Love Fan Fest 2019.

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Love Fan Fest 2019 Saturday [Wynonna Earp, RED, Carmilla]

Love Fan Fest 2019 Saturday

June 29, 2019, marked the official opening of the second edition of Love Fan Fest. On Love Fan Fest 2019 Saturday, I picked up my press pass, visited the press interview and photoshoot, interviewed RED, watched a World Cup match, and went to most of the panels. You can read all about it in this blog post, or you can watch the vlog I made of this day. You can find it below this image.

‘Love Fan Fest 2019 Saturday’ June 29, 2019, marked the official opening of the second edition of Love Fan Fest. On Love Fan Fest 2019 Saturday, I picked up my press pass, visited the press interview and photoshoot, interviewed RED, watched a World Cup match, and went to most of the panels. You can read all about it in this blog post: http://bit.ly/LFF19Sat

Love Fan Fest 2019 Saturday started with a press interview and photoshoot

At 8:15 am, I was already at the location to pick up my press pass. Unlike last year, I received it immediately. All I had to do now was wait 45 minutes for the press interview and photoshoot to start. I walked around a bit and said hi to the people I know.

The press interview was interesting because all the actors were there at the same time. So, it’s not like you can ask every single actor a question. I decided to ask a World Cup question because that way, every actor had a chance to respond (and I knew Elise would).

After I finished my question, nobody was very actively trying to take my microphone from me. That was odd. Usually, we’re in a room with a bunch of people who want to ask questions. I guess most of the press members were photographers this time? I think four-five people asked a question, so we were done rather quickly. That meant some of us, including me, asked a second question.

The photoshoot followed, so I was able to make some BTS from that moment as well.

Love Fan Fest 2019 Saturday: opening

After the press moment, it was time for everybody to enter the main panel hall and find their numbered seats. This is always such an energetic moment because everybody is still fresh, excited for the day, nervous, emotional, happy to see familiar faces, and so much more.

What is unique about LFF is that they have an opening and a closing of the con. They can do this because they have a reasonable number of guests (as opposed to the huge list of ClexaCon) and only one panel room. It’s funny because the guests never seem to know what they are doing on stage. They receive their applause, say hi, and then try to leave. Then, it gets a bit awkward because some of them are told to leave, and the guests who are on the first panel are told to stay. Everybody just laughs about it.


I would have loved to stay for the first panel, but I wanted to edit the press interview and give that to my YouTube subscribers immediately. As a result, I had to leave after the first panel. I was allowed to edit in a friend’s hotel room, which was super nice of her.

When the video was converting, I went downstairs again to visit Melanie’s panel. After a few minutes, I had to leave again to work on the video. I missed the Hollstein panel, but after 2.5 hours, the video was available for my subscribers. If I may believe the comments, they appreciated the gift 😉

In the hour lunch break, I visited a street with shops nearby. The food at the location isn’t all that, unfortunately. I enjoyed a nice lunch by myself, went back to the location, and met up with some friends.

Love Fan Fest 2019 Saturday: afternoon program

After the one-hour lunch break, it was time for the LGBT Fans Deserve Better panel. They experienced some technical difficulties, but it was fixed later on, thankfully. At 3 pm, the World Cup match between the Netherlands and Italy started, so I found some fellow Dutchies in the lobby to watch the match with.

To be honest, it was a nice distraction because I was getting nervous about my interview with RED. I absolutely love the web series and ehm; these women are gorgeous, so yeah… My nerves were definitely starting to kick in.

Interview with RED

As always, it turned out I had nothing to be nervous about. We had a really good talk. I got to ask questions about the beginning of the show, about their new season (you can now watch season 5, which I highly recommend), and a few other things. We ended up talking for 22 whole minutes! Wow. After the interview, I was also able to share a few personal words of appreciation. All in all, this was the most magical moment of LFF2019 for me!

I will divide the interview into two parts and upload these two videos in a few weeks. Subscribe to my channel to watch them the moment they come out!

After that, I visited their panel too.

Love Fan Fest 2019 Saturday: Word Cup and panels

After RED’s panel, I ran to the lobby to watch the final minutes of the match and cheer with the other Dutchies after our victory. After that, I ran back to the panel room to catch a few minutes of the panel with Rhiannon, Ivana, and Isabella. You know you will have fun when Isabella is on a panel, and indeed, she made the room laugh quite a few times.

The day ended with the Wayhaught panel, which drew a big crowd. After that, I didn’t really know what to do. All the guests were signing autographs, so I chatted with some people. I ended up watching the second World Cup match of the day as well. It was just fun to hang around in the lobby with all the people you hardly ever get to see in real life.

Some tapas near my pension were calling my name, so I had to give in and eat. I was quite relaxed because the next day would start much later for me. Watching the footage I shot that day made me so incredibly happy!

BiPositive Podcast Interviewed Me. This is What We Talked About!

BiPositive Podcast Interviewed Me. This is What We Talked About!

You may know that I occasionally get to interview interesting LGBT+ people and allies on my international con trips. Well, a while back, I was interviewed myself, and that was a refreshing experience. It is funny to be on the other side. Mari and MD invited me for an episode of BiPositive Podcast. Thanks for the invite and the relaxed conversation!

Fun fact: we are all living in The Hague, and we were all at ClexaCon London, but we didn’t know about each other. We found out about it on social media afterward. So, this is the first time we met!

In this blog post, I will highlight some of the subjects we discussed. As we talked for about an hour, this is only a small part, and you should definitely listen to the entire episode! You can follow BiPositive Podcast on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can listen to the episode on a bunch of websites, including iTunes and SoundCloud. Below this image is also a vlog about our podcast episode together.

‘BiPositive Podcast Interviewed Me. This is What We Talked About!’ I was invited for an episode of BiPositive Podcast. In this blog post, I highlight some of the subjects we discussed, such as lesbian parenting and feeling safe as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. I also list where you can listen to the episode: http://bit.ly/BiPositive

BiPositive Podcast: the start of Meemoeder.com

I think most of my followers abroad know me from my LGBT+ con trips but have no idea what meemoeder stands for and why my website is called this way. It was indeed the first question I was asked.

Simply put, meemoeder is the word the Dutch government gives the non-biological mom of a married lesbian couple that has a kid together. When my wife was pregnant, I was looking for experiences from other lesbian moms, but I could not find any. I could only find info from the government and lawyers. Also, at almost every parenting blog, I was addressed as a father, which started to bug me after a while.

So, I started to describe my own experience (in Dutch) so that others would not end up in the same situation as me. This is my way of giving back to the LGBT+ community. I am now one of the first search results, which means others can find me easily.

I noticed I always somehow ended up talking about movies as they are one of my passions. Then, I saw videos of the first ClexaCon edition on YouTube, and I received a press pass for the second edition. That’s how this whole English version of my website and my YouTube channel came into existence. Funny how things sometimes go, right?!

BiPositive Podcast: being a lesbian parent among other parents

Mari and MD wanted to know how it feels to be a lesbian parent among other parents. Thankfully, most of the time, there is no difference. I do remember two incidents when things were different for me.

One funny situation occurred at Schiphol Airport when we were taking a trip to the U.S. and Canada when our son was eleven months old. We did not even think about bringing his birth certificate. That caused some problems when we tried to leave The Netherlands.

The border control told us that they could not see if he was our baby. We were finally allowed to go on our trip by saying he has my wife’s looks and my last name, and that we were both wearing the same wedding rings. We were pretty scared when we crossed the American-Canadian border that trip, but nothing happened, fortunately.

Momma’s boy

One not so funny situation occurred a while back. I had an appointment somewhere and what often happens during such an appointment, is that you start talking about your family. You know the type of appointments, like at the hairdresser.

This woman started asking how we got our son, and I explained. Then, she started calling him my wife’s son, and I constantly had to say ‘our son.’ And it’s not like you can leave the appointment halfway through, so it’s just awkward all around.

I don’t know why but I started showing her pictures. Then, she started saying things like: “Oh yes, he really looks like her. Oh, that’s really a momma’s boy.” It hurt me, but I still have no idea how to respond. I did turn it into a Dutch blog post.

BiPositive Podcast: social stigma

Mari and MD also wondered if we were worried about a social stigma for our kid before my wife became pregnant. I answered that we still are. I guess we’ll find out when he goes to school.

Right now, at his daycare center, it is no problem at all because toddlers don’t know any better. We are hopeful that things are better for him now than they were for me growing up. I think there is a change in how kids deal with homosexuality nowadays. Therefore, we hope his teenage years will be okay.

The one thing that we try to teach him is confidence. If you have confidence, you can speak up or fight back when something bad happens. If nothing bad happens, well great, you have confidence.

Our episode of BiPositive Podcast

I focused on the lesbian parenting part in this blog post as it is something I rarely talk about on the English version of my website. I thought it would be nice to give you my ideas on this topic for a change. We talked about plenty of other topics. As Mari and MD are from Ukraine and France, we talked about the differences in our cultures and in how safe we feel being queer. Naturally, ClexaCon and queer representation in media came up. SO, I encourage you to go to iTunes or SoundCloud and to listen to our episode of BiPositive Podcast!

ClexaCon London Friday Adventures

ClexaCon London Friday Adventures

As you may know, I visited ClexaCon London in November last year. I have been publishing the interviews of the press room but I have not had the time yet to write down everything about my experience there. So, here are all my ClexaCon London Friday adventures! Below this image, you can also find my vlog.

‘ClexaCon London Friday Adventures’ As you may know, I visited ClexaCon London in November last year. I have been publishing the interviews of the press room but I have not had the time yet to write down everything about my experience there. So, here are all my ClexaCon London Friday adventures! I added a vlog, so you can watch everything as well: http://bit.ly/CCUKFriday

Flight to London

November 1, I flew to London for ClexaCon’s first international pop-up event. The official event was on Saturday and Sunday but since I know that ClexaCon always has fun activities for us before the event, I flew in a little early. That Thursday, I walked around London a bit and enjoyed the view from Tate Modern.

The next day, I wanted to vlog at the ClexaCon London Friday activities. There was a bus tour but since I have visited London more than once, I did not buy a ticket for it. Still, I wanted to see if I knew some participants and I wanted to see how excited everybody was for the event.

Well, I didn’t. I could not find the bus. I did not know the official meeting point, so I just wandered around Trafalgar Square until I saw some queer people near a bus. It turned out it was somewhere near that square. Hashtag fail.

ClexaCon London Friday activities: screening of I Can’t Think Straight

I visited the British Museum before I headed to the Prince Charles Cinema, where I Can’t Think Straight was screened. It was the movie’s tenth anniversary.

I did not want to visit the actual screening though as I had recently watched the movie. I was told I could pick up my press pass there. Unfortunately, as I expected, the press passes weren’t there. I already thought it sounded kind of random. One of the organizers told me that they had thought about it but decided not to. Oh well, I was planning on going to the badge pick-up party later that night anyway.

I was kind of nervous going to the screening if I’m honest. I knew I would see some of you there. My YouTube channel has received quite some attention after visiting Love Fan Fest, so I didn’t know how people would react. And when you’re already nervous, things seem way worse than they really are, right? I saw some familiar faces and some new ones. Sorry if I was being weird, I just felt like a lot of eyes were watching me. It was probably imaginary 😉 At that point, I wished I had not been so active on the relevant hashtags…

Badge pick-up party

I arrived at the badge pick-up party a little late. That was great though because now, I was able to pick up the press pass immediately. I did not have to wait in line for a long time. I saw some people I already knew, some people I met at the screening, and some new people.

Mandahla Rose and Nicole Pacent hung out at the party as well. I was wondering if they recognized me from ClexaCon Vegas because, you know, they meet so many people at these events. Turns out they did.

Historic moment: I met Emma. Who? She co-wrote and directed the lesbian short film The Date (get your copy!). We met online a few weeks earlier and this Friday evening, we finally met in real life. Loved talking to her! Also, she now adds her magic to my videos. See what an event like ClexaCon can do for our community?

PS here are my interviews with Kat Barrell, Natasha, Elise & AnnieJamie Clayton, the team behind I Can’t Think Straight, Nicole Pacent, Mandahla Rose,  the writer and producer of Different for Girls, and the directors of ClexaCon.

The Date: The New Lesbian Short Film You’d Hate to Miss

The Date: The New Lesbian Short Film You’d Hate to Miss

I watched a new lesbian short film called The Date and I can’t wait to share with you how awesome it is and how soon you should watch it. It is the happy modern love story we have been waiting for. I have seen many short films this past year but none of them made me feel as happy as this one did.

‘The Date: The New Lesbian Short Film You’d Hate to Miss’ I watched a new lesbian short film called The Date and I can’t wait to share with you how awesome it is and how soon you should watch it. It is the happy modern love story we have been waiting for. I have seen many short films this past year but none of them made me feel as happy as this one did: http://bit.ly/TheDateLesFilm


Okay, I am coming out right from the start: I am biased. Writer and director Emma contacted me online to talk about the movie. We had some fun conversations and were able to meet at ClexaCon London. I now call her my friend and naturally, you want your friends to succeed. So, there you go, that is my bias.

However, do you know how sometimes friends ask you to share something and you’re not really a fan but you share it anyway because that person is your friend? Well, that was completely not the case with this film, fortunately! I tweeted about the Indiegogo campaign quite a few times and was happy to see the movie got funded 113%.

The reason I wanted this crowdfunding campaign to succeed is that I was able to receive a sneak peek of some footage and I could immediately tell it was the good stuff. I knew this short was going to be of good quality if they just had the funds. Can you imagine how nervous I was when I was finally able to watch it?!

By the way, it is not just Emma’s work. Hansof Waller was a great help writing the script.

The Date’s promise to you

“The Date is the story of two women looking for love in the dating world of the 21st century.

Lizzy and Olivia might be total opposites when it comes to careers and dress sense BUT they do have one thing in common… They both swiped ‘right’ on each other. After swiping right, the two hit it off almost immediately but there’s still one thing left to do: meet.

In this day and age, where meeting new people happens mostly online, we wanted to write a story about the good relationships that come from online dating.

Our aim is to also have real interviews at the end, with couples who have met on dating apps and are the happiest they’ve ever been.”

The first thing I liked about The Date: the dialogues

The dialogues in this short film are sooooo good. You know how some short films try to be as artistic as possible and make the characters say these really special lines to showcase how intellectual the creators are? That is not the case in The Date.

The Date shows the date you can have. The characters make the jokes you would make. And they have the exact same insecurities as you and me. Is this next date going to be as bad as the previous one? Will she be who she says she is? Will she be a serial killer? Am I going to be stood up?

Nope. This is a happy movie. You know, the one we do not always get.

The second thing I liked about The Date: the chemistry

What can I say about their chemistry? You will feel it. Big time. And you will want them to end up together.

The third thing I liked about The Date: the happy feelings

The Date reminds me of when my wife and I just started dating. We often went clubbing and loved dancing together. So, seeing their first date start with dinner and end with dancing brought back so many good memories.

My wife and I actually watched this movie together. I sometimes looked at her to see what she thought of the movie and she had happiness written all over her face. She even grabbed my hand at one point. That is how this movie will make you feel.

By the way, her review of The Date: “Is this it?! I hate short films. I want to see the rest of the story!” 😉 I think that if you have accomplished that as a short film, you did something right. Over the past year, I have seen some shorts that I wished had been shorter, so…

The fourth thing I liked about The Date: the editing

The editing tells you there is a highly skilled team behind this movie. I do not want to give anything away but the keyword here is delayed gratification. You will get it when you watch it.

The fifth thing I liked about The Date: the credits

So, the credits actually play an important part in this movie. The movie is 9.5 minutes long and the credits are six minutes long.

You will want to stick around for those six minutes because, in these credits, you will watch videos of real couples who met online. They tell you how they met and how happy they are.

How brilliant is it to have actual people from our community participate in the project?! I greatly appreciated it and I loved seeing some familiar faces and names. It really takes a village to make such a project happen!

Where can you watch The Date?

Because the movie had a successful Indiegogo campaign, that page will continue to be open. That means you can still buy the perks that will grant you access to the movie before release. This way, you can support their project AND you will have the movie ASAP. Sounds like a good plan to me!

In addition, their plan is to make a festival run before releasing the movie to the public. That means that if you want to see this movie ASAP, you will have to visit a film festival near you that will show this movie. Consequently, it would be wise to follow the movie on social media to see when and where this will happen. This is their Twitter account and their Instagram page.

Want more tips on what to watch? How about Different for Girls or Anne+? Subscribe to my YouTube channel to hear my tips the moment they are uploaded!

The Importance of ClexaCon According to Its Directors

The Importance of ClexaCon According to Its Directors

At the very first European edition of ClexaCon, the four directors sat down to talk about their amazing event for LGBTQ+ women. I wanted to know what it meant to them personally to be at the first edition abroad of an event that they have created from scratch. Also, what are some of the projects that have emerged as a result of ClexaCon?  Below, you can read what Ashley, Danielle, Holly, and Heidi believe is the importance of ClexaCon.

The interview was too long to write down fully. If you want to see the full interview where the directors talk about the importance of ClexaCon and how their event contributes to better queer representation, I recommend watching the video that is included below this image.

‘The Importance of ClexaCon According to Its Directors’ At ClexaCon London, the 4 directors sat down to talk about their amazing event for LGBTQ+ women. What are some of the projects that have emerged as a result of the previous two ClexaCon editions in Las Vegas? Here, you can read what Ashley, Danielle, Holly, and Heidi believe is the importance of ClexaCon: http://bit.ly/ClexaConDirectors

Me: What does it mean to you personally to be here at the first European edition of an event that you created?

Danielle: We are really excited to be here. We have been wanting to do an event in Europe for a long time, for two years, since we started doing ClexaCon. So, it is really exciting to be here and have it be happening and have so many people come from all over the world again to join us in London.

Why do you think Clexa and the legacy of Clexa continues to be such an important legacy, even two years on now?

Danielle: I mean, she is an incredible character. The role of Lexa and the relationship of Clexa were incredibly important to a lot of us. It is one of the best roles I have ever seen on TV for queer women. So, I think for a lot of us that resonated.

The impact of how she died on the show, how she was killed off, really sparked a lot of anger. It got people really mobilized in a way that we had not seen before. I think that is still carrying on. People are still mobilized because of that. I think that character is really going to live on through us all being mobilized to make sure we have better characters on TV and in film.

How did you all come together to create ClexaCon?

Ashley: It was originally Holly’s idea and then we individually jumped in. ‘This is something that we want to participate in and let’s make it bigger and better. Let’s throw in a film festival. Let’s make it three days and let’s whatever else we do in Vegas. We do way too much. It just kind of exploded and Heidi has been there with us ever since.

Me: Was ClexaCon London a lot harder to organize than ClexaCon Vegas?

Danielle: Yes. I guess it is always harder to work in a country you are not familiar with. Even though we technically all speak the same language, it does not always feel like it. And things are different over here.

Me: What were some of the obstacles you ran into?

Ashley: Sometimes, it is just the little things. We call mixed drinks, like vodka and soda, mixed drinks. Here, it is called something else and we had to explain what mixed drinks are four times today alone. So, I think it is the little things like that that add up.

Me: Also, the time zone?

Ashley: Oh, that was really hard because we are not early morning people. We have become early morning people. Our meetings would have to be at 6 am our time. That was tough.

Danielle: And I think, on a larger scale, the idea of a ComicCon or an event like this is very normal now in the US. Agents and talents are very used to going to these events. For the agents and talents in the UK, it is still a newer idea. Often, the guests who are coming are US guests who are used to it and not so much the UK-based people. That was a learning experience for us, to navigate that.

Holly: Also, stores closing early if we had to go get something. Businesses are just run differently.

Danielle: Your Amazon does not work as well as ours.

Back to the importance of ClexaCon. Looking at the schedule for the panels and the scale of it, even for two days, what is the idea behind that?

Ashley: The workshops and the panels are the guts of this event. We want people to go to them. And we want people to learn how to create content and get involved in content creation so that we can have more representation, better representation.

We attack all those panels, and it really is an attack, from all different angles. People submit their ideas, which we love. Give a good description of what you want and we will do our best to make it happen. We try to do a lot of diversity panels and ‘how to’ panels so that we can really carry on in a positive way. It is a big effort.

Danielle: It is very intentional that we have such a broad range of topics. We do tend to start out by having submissions. If people are not submitting certain topics that we think are really important, we will go out of our way to find people to talk about this topic.

What can TV do to promote queer representation through events like this?

Danielle: Separately from events like ours, they are getting better, especially in the US. I do not know so much across Europe. They are getting better in the US. There are more queer characters being added and they are given better roles. They are not the stereotypical sidekick roles and they are not getting killed off as often. So, I think we are seeing baby steps in that direction, so we need to have that happen more.

We need to have LGBTQ women involved in the process. After all, it is very hard to change the industry if you do not have different voices making decisions. That is why the ‘how to’ panels and the workshops are so important to us. We want to be supporting queer women who are making content or who want to make content and encouraging more people to get involved.

Me: Another thing about the importance of ClexaCon. You also want to create network opportunities from guests. Have you received feedback from guests who attend the previous two Vegas editions how it has helped their careers?

Ashley: We definitely have. On a smaller level, we see ideas that have formed at ClexaCon come all the way through. They are now a web series. That is awesome. They met their lead actor at our event. They met their writer or their make-up artist at our event. There are many ways we can get involved in content creation. I think ClexaCon is definitely a place where you can come and meet people to start something and to make something beautiful because it has happened.

Danielle: There are two web series that are coming out in the next three or four months or maybe premiering at the next ClexaCon that totally came from people meeting at ClexaCon. That is super exciting for us to see that it is really helping people.

On a larger scale, we have heard through the grapevine that actresses have met producers and writers at our event and have had conversations after the fact because of the meeting at ClexaCon. From the people starting content creation to the stars of the show, we know that it is helping them.

Final statements on the importance of ClexaCon

As you can tell from the video, the directors of ClexaCon believe in the importance of ClexaCon in their core. They may have other jobs but they devote the rest of their time to ClexaCon as they believe in the cause.

I agree with Holly that bad representation is worse than no representation at all. About sixteen years ago, when I had recently come out, I watched a lesbian web series from the Netherlands. It was so bad in terms of acting, chemistry, writing, and camera work that it actually had me questioning my sexuality.

I also agree with Holly that the age category of thirties-forties (and probably also older than this) is underrepresented. We are often in the background. If we are in the picture, it is usually about our marriages not going well. So, let’s hope some brilliant ideas are being developed at the next ClexaCon edition!

Do you already know everything about the importance of ClexaCon? Do you just want to go to the interviews I had with actors at ClexaCon London? Here is my interview with Jamie Clayton, the team behind I Can’t Think Straight, Nicole Pacent, and Mandahla Rose.

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