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  • Dominique Provost-Chalkley on Season of Love and The Curse of Buckout Road

    At Wynonna Earp con Shorty’s in Milan, I was able to ask Dominique Provost-Chalkley a few questions. She has two movies coming out soon, Season of Love and The Curse of Buckout Road, so we talked about them. Here, you will also find a video of the interview.

  • Season of Love Gives You All the Queer Holiday Feels

    Season of Love is the first-ever lesbian/LGBTQ+ holiday rom-com. I was able to watch the press screener of this ground-breaking Christmas movie, so in this spoiler-free blog post, I can tell you all about this new movie and why you should watch it. Here, you can also find a review video, in which Dominique Provost-Chalkley talks about her role and music in Season of Love. Screenings and purchase/rent options can be found at the bottom.

  • Shorty’s 2019 Sunday [Wynonna Earp Con]

    Shorty’s 2019 Sunday [Wynonna Earp Con]

    October 13, it was time for Shorty’s 2019 Sunday. The schedule of the day was the same as the day before, but there were some significant changes for me. You can read all about it below and watch some of my videos with supporting footage.

  • Shorty’s 2019 Saturday [Wynonna Eap con]

    Shorty’s 2019 Saturday [Wynonna Eap con]

    October 11-13, I went to Milan to visit my very first Wynonna Earp con. I usually attend LGBT+ and multi-fandom cons, but I wanted to know why a con focusing solely on Wynonna Earp is so unique and how gay-friendly such a con is. In this blog post, you will read how I experienced the con. I support my text with footage from the con. You will find panel videos, the opening ceremony, and my first vlog, which shows all the moments I describe here.

  • 2019 ClexaCon Friday with Wynonna Earp and many others

    2019 ClexaCon Friday with Wynonna Earp and many others

    Here are more of my ClexaCon adventures. On Friday, I had many interviews in the pressroom, including Haviland Stillwell, Carmilla, Jes Macallan, Amber Benson, Venice: The Series, and Wynonna Earp. Then, there was a mixer with the filmmakers at the film festival, where I saw TWENTY A Webseries, Good Kisser, Passage The Series, BIFL, and The Date.

  • Love Fan Fest 2018 Sunday: Interviews and Closing Ceremony

    I spent Love Fan Fest 2018 Sunday up in the relax room of the guests, interviewing them on the gorgeous balcony. I also experienced so many feelings that I got really emotional, so Love Fan Fest 2018 Sunday was definitely a rollercoaster ride for me. Oh, and how cool was that closing ceremony?