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  • Brianna Hildebrand Discusses Coming Out at a Young Age

    At Love Fan Fest 2018, Brianna Hildebrand discusses coming out at a young age. The moderator asks her what it was like for her, after which she describes her process. I thought it was interesting to show you because it was quite a journey. You can choose to watch the video or read the story. Hopefully, her story will offer you support or recognition.

  • Brianna Hildebrand Talks Queer Representation at Love Fan Fest 2018

    At Love Fan Fest, I was able to talk to Brianna Hildebrand. She discussed Love Fan Fest, queer representation, roles she wants, one particular role she would have loved to have gotten, and hagelslag. Here, I have written down what we talked about but if you just want to see the interview for yourself, you can also watch the video that is included.

  • Love Fan Fest 2018 Sunday: Interviews and Closing Ceremony

    I spent Love Fan Fest 2018 Sunday up in the relax room of the guests, interviewing them on the gorgeous balcony. I also experienced so many feelings that I got really emotional, so Love Fan Fest 2018 Sunday was definitely a rollercoaster ride for me. Oh, and how cool was that closing ceremony?