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RED Webseries Interview Love Fan Fest 2019 Part 1

RED Webseries Interview LFF 2019 Part 1

The most magical moment of Love Fan Fest 2019 for me was the interview I had with Ana Paula Lima, Luciana Bollina, and Germana Belo of RED. In this part of the RED webseries interview, we discussed the current situation for LGBT+ people in Brazil, the beginning of RED, and the series up to season 4. Next week, the second half of the interview will come out, which will focus on season 4 and 5. Below, the questions and answers have been written down, but you can also watch the video under this image. 

‘RED Webseries Interview Love Fan Fest 2019 Part 1’ The most magical moment of Love Fan Fest 2019 for me was the interview I had with Ana Paula Lima, Luciana Bollina, and Germana Belo of RED. In this part of the RED webseries interview, we discussed the current situation for LGBT+ people in Brazil, the beginning of RED, and the series up to season 4:
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RED webseries interview: guests of Love Fan Fest 2019

Me: “I was really happy to see that you were announced to Love Fan Fast this year. How has it been so far? You have had your first morning. Have you had nice meetings with people?”

Luciana Bollina: “Oh, such nice meetings with people and to know people from other countries. It really, really makes me very happy because I know about people’s lives. And we have a chance that people can get to know us, and our show especially, because I think the majority of the people here knows RED but not everyone. So, it’s very good to share.”

Ana Paula Lima: “Yeah, they’re really open to getting to know you. And they’re really special in the way that you feel embraced. That’s… I don’t want to use the word special again, but it is an amazing experience.”

Me: “Ah, that’s great. I think… What you say, people are really open to high-quality queer shows, and your show is definitely beautiful. It’s something else.”

The current situation for LGBTQ people in Brazil

Me: “So, I’m not from Brazil. Can you help me understand what the current situation is for LGBTQ people in Brazil? Because I get mixed messages. For instance, can people walk hand in hand in the streets, or is it too dangerous?”

Germana Belo: “Yeah, it’s definitely not like a safe space or a safe place for LGBT people because… This is what the numbers say. We are the number one country that kills LGBT people.”

Me: “Oh…”

Germana: “It’s a reality, but I think it depends on the kind of circle you live in. For me, I don’t feel that so much as an LGBT woman. I can say I kind of live in a bubble because some people live like that. The circle of my friends and family, they are all very accepting, but I know this is not the reality for most people. And people get killed every day because they are trans, gay, and lesbian. And we know that happens.”

Bigger cities

Germana: “Fortunately, I live in one of the biggest cities in Brazil. So, it’s easier for anyone who lives in the capital, with more open-minded people. Even though bad things would still happen, it’s better for us. But I know it happens. As I said, we kind of have this privilege of living in a place and circle that is more accepting.”

Ana: “There are more people that are more open-minded.”

Germana: “Yeah, in a circle with creators and people who are open to, you know, differences, whatever they are. But the reality of the country, in general, is that it is not a safe place for LGBT people.”

RED webseries interview: first lesbian webseries in Brazil

Me: “So, you are the first lesbian webseries in your country. When season one dropped, what were the first responses that you received?”

Germana: “Because we didn’t have money for marketing, the feedback, in the beginning, was very slow. We received great feedback, but it was a small number of people. The way we promote our series is very organic. So, people like the series and tell their friends to watch it. So, it demands time. By the time of season 2, it really began to create a larger fan base. But really because we didn’t have a way to market the series better. So, we had to wait for people to come to us.”

Ana: “It was really positive feedback. We never received something that wasn’t nice, you know. Everything that happened with RED happened in a really special and positive way. Like having an experience outside Brazil. Getting nominated in other countries like ‘oh my God, look at what they’re doing’ and we’re like ‘oh my God, yeah, we are.’ It’s amazing. I think we always manage to figure out what’s always positive.”

Positive feedback

Germana: “Sometimes I joke because our feedback is mostly positive. And sometimes I joke saying: ‘Okay. When we start getting haters, it is probably because we really made it.”

Me: “Yeah, definitely!”

Germana: “Because so far, we are in a niche. The people who come to us are the people who like it. The time we manage to reach people who wouldn’t like it, you know, it’s when you start to become mainstream. You would reach a large number of people, and some of them could not like it.

So far, mostly, our feedback is very positive. We have a lot of feedback because it’s also part of the project. The idea of RED is interactive feedback. We talk with our fans through our social media, through our personal social media profiles and RED’s profiles.

So, this is also part of the project. Nothing is separating us from the people who watch the show.  We talk to everyone. We have a lot of channels, like Instagram, Facebook, and Vimeo, so feedback comes from all over our channels. And it’s great.”

RED webseries interview: every fan’s fantasy

Me: “RED originally started with two actors who have a relationship on-screen and then fall in love off-screen. I think that’s basically every fan’s fantasy here at Love Fan Fest. Some fans see a couple on-screen and then think it’s in real life too. How many actors have told you: ‘thanks for feeding that idea. Now I get that even more?’”

Germana: “That was not random because I am this public. I know you because I am you. So, I know this is the general fantasy of everyone. We were thinking about telling a love story between two women, but this could be, like, whatever. And I thought: ‘Okay, maybe it would be interesting to have that.’ That is a fantasy of every fan, to have two actresses who work together fall in love. So, it was not random. Because we knew it was a fantasy.”

Me: “I thought it was pretty clever when I first saw it. Anyone in particular you had your inspiration from?”

Germana: “No, the main premise is just this fantasy that was the inspiration: the fans’ fantasy of having two actresses together.”

RED webseries interview: ClexaCon visit before season 4

Me: “At ClexaCon last year, you [Ana and Luciana] both said that when you read the script for season 4, you both had moments where you were like: ‘I’m going to call Germana and ask her if she’s sure.’ We hadn’t watched season 4 yet, and I always wondered what the exact moments were that you were like: ‘are you sure? Is it a good idea?”

Ana: “Season 4? Wait for season 5!”

Luciana: “Yeah, it gets worse. It’s because we are fans of the characters.”

Ana: “Yeah, we really watch our show.”

Luciana: “Yes, we watch like you. You know: ‘oh my God, what is she doing?’

Ana: “Yeah, we are the audience.”

Luciana: “I usually watch my interpretation in something, but not here. I really enjoy the love story here. We always talk to Germana like ‘Germana, why?! What is happening?”

Ana: “Yeah, we suffer too.”

Luciana: “Yeah, we suffer a lot.”

RED webseries interview part 2

Next week, I will publish the second part of the interview. There, we talk about season 4 and 5 in more detail. In the meantime, you can enjoy these other videos and blog posts about Love Fan Fest 2019.

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Love Fan Fest 2019 Sunday [Wynonna Earp, RED, Skam España, Carmilla]

Love Fan Fest 2019 Sunday

June 30, 2019, marked the second and final day of the second edition of Love Fan Fest. On Love Fan Fest 2019 Sunday, I visited many panels, talked to RED for a second time, and went to the closing party. You can read all about it in this blog post, or you can watch the vlog I made of this day. This vlog has a special message from RED and the full closing party. You can find it below this image.

‘Love Fan Fest 2019 Sunday’ June 30, 2019, marked the second and final day of the second edition of Love Fan Fest. On Love Fan Fest 2019 Sunday, I visited many panels, talked to RED for a second time, and went to the closing party. You can read all about it in this blog post:
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Love Fan Fest 2019 Sunday started with the WayHaught panel

On Love Fan Fest Sunday, I started a bit later than on Saturday. After all, on Saturday, I had to pick up my press pass at 8 a.m. On this day, I didn’t have anything planned until around 11 a.m. The WayHaught panel was planned at this time, which was fun as always. Kat took her parents with her, and I immediately noticed them on the side of the stage. They were looking really proud and then Kat introduced them to the audience, which obviously gave a big round of applause.

Someone in the audience had this really good idea of giving them lines from certain scenes. The other person had to guess what the follow-up line was. It was really funny to see how competitive Kat and Dom both were.

It’s funny to look back at these Wynonna Earp panels. They had heard that they were starting filming season four already and we had not yet. So, sometimes, with the answers that they gave, you can tell that they were really looking for ways not to reveal the truth.

Skam España panel

Then, we had to leave the room for the next panel. I think it was actually the first time we completely had to clear the room. It was time for Skam España. I had not watched that show, so I was surprised to see the incredibly long line waiting to get back into the panel room. They obviously have a huge number of fans. That made me realize I probably had to watch that show.

I wanted to know a bit more about the show, so I visited the panel. Unfortunately, I could not understand it as it was in Spanish. I did return at the end of the panel and realized they sometimes said something in English. So, I could have stayed, but I thought I’d be wasting my time. I still want to check out the show, though!

RED panel

Then, it was time for the RED panel. I absolutely love listening to them. I know quite a lot about the show as I had interviewed them the day before, but because of the fans’ questions, I still heard some new things.

It’s beautiful to see how incredibly grateful they were for being present at Love Fan Fest. I truly think they deserve all the exposure and support they can get. Season 5 is out now. If you haven’t watched the show already, please pay for a season if you hit a paywall. It is worth every penny.

Melanie Scrofano’s panel

After RED’s panel, it was time for Melanie Scrofano’s panel. She cracks me up every single time.

However, there was also one serious, special moment. It really had an impact on me when she told everybody she had had treatment for an eating disorder. Apparently, she has talked about it before, but I didn’t know. And the beauty of it was that she told about it after having been asked what she was proud of. She has obviously come to terms with it. You can tell it affected the room. She received a big round of applause.

Love Fan Fest 2019 Sunday ended with the Hollstein panel

The next panel was the Hollstein panel. Natasha and Elise were happy to be on stage again. The funny thing was that the same person who asked Kat and Dom the lines questions asked Natasha and Elise that question.

Elise immediately got really nervous. She said it was like her nightmare where she was standing on stage in a play that she’d done years ago and she can’t remember the lines. Carmilla was recorded about five years ago. She definitely had a hard time remembering the lines, which was just hilarious to watch.

They praised the person of the question. Dana, who often moderates their panels, always has these really fun things for them to do on stage and this one definitely had the same quality.

Another season?

One thing that I remember from this panel is that Elise asked the audience if, if they would make another Camilla season, would we all watch it again? Would we be interested in that? The entire room responded with a ‘yes, of course,’ which kind of surprised both Natasha and Elise. They didn’t know that that would still be a thing, which in turn surprised the room. She stated that she didn’t have any information about a possible season 4, but she just wanted to know. Well, I hope they will think about it now that they know this.

Love Fan Fest 2019 Sunday: final autographs

The Hollstein panel was actually the last panel of Love Fan Fest 2019 Sunday. Then, there was a giant time block scheduled for autographs. This was the only event happening at this particular time, so that meant that every con guest was signing and every con visitor was waiting in line for an autograph. It was a huge queue. I didn’t want to film it because waiting in line is no fun. I didn’t want to upset people.

After a while, I was called into the autograph room. I was not allowed to be there as press; it was just for the con’s own videographers. However, I was allowed to talk to RED for a few minutes. As a result, I was able to ask them one question: how had they experienced the weekend of Love Fan Fest?

Rewatching this footage made me happy all over again. You can watch it in the vlog I posted online. Slowly but gradually, people were done getting their autographs. The first post-con blues started to hit people. We realized it was time to say goodbye to people we would not see in a while because they live in a different country or even on a different continent

Closing party

But first, closing party! Everybody started to gather in the panel room. We had to wait a bit. People started to throw a ball in a basketball hoop. What? Watch the vlog.

Then, all the actors came on stage together. Like last year, the final moment of Love Fan Fest 2019 Sunday was emotional with lots of love and gratitude. We all watched a video together about this second edition of LFF.

Every actor had a moment to say something. I don’t think anybody could have counted all the tears that were shed. The closing party lasted about twenty minutes, so that means there were a lot of tears, words of kindness, and rounds of applause. And with that, the second edition of Love Fan Fest 2019 came to an end!

Love Fan Fest 2019 Sunday means final goodbyes

I was hungry, but I didn’t feel like leaving and saying goodbyes, so I ended up staying until around 10 p.m. I had some really meaningful conversations and final hugs. That was it for me too.

Yes, the upcoming weeks, I will still have blog posts and videos about Love Fan Fest. So, stay tuned!

Love Fan Fest 2019 Saturday [Wynonna Earp, RED, Carmilla]

Love Fan Fest 2019 Saturday

June 29, 2019, marked the official opening of the second edition of Love Fan Fest. On Love Fan Fest 2019 Saturday, I picked up my press pass, visited the press interview and photoshoot, interviewed RED, watched a World Cup match, and went to most of the panels. You can read all about it in this blog post, or you can watch the vlog I made of this day. You can find it below this image.

‘Love Fan Fest 2019 Saturday’ June 29, 2019, marked the official opening of the second edition of Love Fan Fest. On Love Fan Fest 2019 Saturday, I picked up my press pass, visited the press interview and photoshoot, interviewed RED, watched a World Cup match, and went to most of the panels. You can read all about it in this blog post:

Love Fan Fest 2019 Saturday started with a press interview and photoshoot

At 8:15 am, I was already at the location to pick up my press pass. Unlike last year, I received it immediately. All I had to do now was wait 45 minutes for the press interview and photoshoot to start. I walked around a bit and said hi to the people I know.

The press interview was interesting because all the actors were there at the same time. So, it’s not like you can ask every single actor a question. I decided to ask a World Cup question because that way, every actor had a chance to respond (and I knew Elise would).

After I finished my question, nobody was very actively trying to take my microphone from me. That was odd. Usually, we’re in a room with a bunch of people who want to ask questions. I guess most of the press members were photographers this time? I think four-five people asked a question, so we were done rather quickly. That meant some of us, including me, asked a second question.

The photoshoot followed, so I was able to make some BTS from that moment as well.

Love Fan Fest 2019 Saturday: opening

After the press moment, it was time for everybody to enter the main panel hall and find their numbered seats. This is always such an energetic moment because everybody is still fresh, excited for the day, nervous, emotional, happy to see familiar faces, and so much more.

What is unique about LFF is that they have an opening and a closing of the con. They can do this because they have a reasonable number of guests (as opposed to the huge list of ClexaCon) and only one panel room. It’s funny because the guests never seem to know what they are doing on stage. They receive their applause, say hi, and then try to leave. Then, it gets a bit awkward because some of them are told to leave, and the guests who are on the first panel are told to stay. Everybody just laughs about it.


I would have loved to stay for the first panel, but I wanted to edit the press interview and give that to my YouTube subscribers immediately. As a result, I had to leave after the first panel. I was allowed to edit in a friend’s hotel room, which was super nice of her.

When the video was converting, I went downstairs again to visit Melanie’s panel. After a few minutes, I had to leave again to work on the video. I missed the Hollstein panel, but after 2.5 hours, the video was available for my subscribers. If I may believe the comments, they appreciated the gift 😉

In the hour lunch break, I visited a street with shops nearby. The food at the location isn’t all that, unfortunately. I enjoyed a nice lunch by myself, went back to the location, and met up with some friends.

Love Fan Fest 2019 Saturday: afternoon program

After the one-hour lunch break, it was time for the LGBT Fans Deserve Better panel. They experienced some technical difficulties, but it was fixed later on, thankfully. At 3 pm, the World Cup match between the Netherlands and Italy started, so I found some fellow Dutchies in the lobby to watch the match with.

To be honest, it was a nice distraction because I was getting nervous about my interview with RED. I absolutely love the web series and ehm; these women are gorgeous, so yeah… My nerves were definitely starting to kick in.

Interview with RED

As always, it turned out I had nothing to be nervous about. We had a really good talk. I got to ask questions about the beginning of the show, about their new season (you can now watch season 5, which I highly recommend), and a few other things. We ended up talking for 22 whole minutes! Wow. After the interview, I was also able to share a few personal words of appreciation. All in all, this was the most magical moment of LFF2019 for me!

I will divide the interview into two parts and upload these two videos in a few weeks. Subscribe to my channel to watch them the moment they come out!

After that, I visited their panel too.

Love Fan Fest 2019 Saturday: Word Cup and panels

After RED’s panel, I ran to the lobby to watch the final minutes of the match and cheer with the other Dutchies after our victory. After that, I ran back to the panel room to catch a few minutes of the panel with Rhiannon, Ivana, and Isabella. You know you will have fun when Isabella is on a panel, and indeed, she made the room laugh quite a few times.

The day ended with the Wayhaught panel, which drew a big crowd. After that, I didn’t really know what to do. All the guests were signing autographs, so I chatted with some people. I ended up watching the second World Cup match of the day as well. It was just fun to hang around in the lobby with all the people you hardly ever get to see in real life.

Some tapas near my pension were calling my name, so I had to give in and eat. I was quite relaxed because the next day would start much later for me. Watching the footage I shot that day made me so incredibly happy!

Love Fan Fest 2019 Friday & Barcelona Pride

Love Fan Fest 2019 Friday & Barcelona Pride

June 28, I flew to Barcelona to visit the second edition of Love Fan Fest. I still had warm feelings from last year, even though I encountered some problems in the beginning. In this blog post, I will tell you all about how Love Fan Fest 2019 Friday turned into Barcelona Pride 2019 Friday.

You can also watch the video I made, which you can find below this image. At the end of this blog post, you will find the other LFF videos that I have uploaded so far. The final one, a special one, will be live at 8 pm Amsterdam time (30 minutes after posting this blog post!).

‘Love Fan Fest 2019 Friday & Barcelona Pride’ June 28, I flew to Barcelona to visit the second edition of Love Fan Fest. I still had warm feelings from last year, even though I encountered some problems in the beginning. In this blog post, I will tell you all about how Love Fan Fest 2019 Friday turned into Barcelona Pride 2019 Friday:

Starting Love Fan Fest 2019 Friday with delays

At Schiphol Airport, I found out that my flight was delayed. The screen said it was fifteen minutes, so I was not too bummed out. After all, the delay of Las Vegas was four hours and entailed much insecurity.

Slowly but steadily, the delay increased. At one point, the entire plane had boarded, and the pilot announced that, despite announcing earlier that we would be leaving in ten minutes, we would have to wait for another forty minutes. Nooo!

Luckily, the decision was overturned, and we left ten minutes later. The delay ended up being one hour, even though the flight takes a little over two hours. I guess I have to get used to delays on con trips.

Arriving in Barcelona

At around 3:30 pm, I finally arrived. It was HOT! I decided to take the bus to my pension. At the bus stop, someone recognized me and started talking to me. It immediately got me in a good Love Fan Fest mood! I mean, traveling to a con by yourself is always a bit scary, so the possibility of a few familiar faces is nice.

Love Fan Fest 2019 Friday turned into Barcelona Pride 2019 Friday

I decided to explore a small part of Barcelona and to get off the bus at Plaça d’Espanya. I knew I had little time and that this area was a good spot to walk around a bit.

Guess where I ended up? BARCELONA PRIDE! A few weeks before this visit, I did see there would be a parade on Saturday, but I hadn’t given it much thought because of LFF. I guess Love Fan Fest Friday turned into Barcelona Pride Friday 😉

Barcelona Pride

I was parched so I needed to get some water before joining the festivities. It was actually still quiet. No wonder, with this heat! I guess people were still working too. But it was nice to walk around. It’s always fun to discover the vibe of another country’s pride. I loved that they had a whole section in the general festivities area where LGBT+ organizations had room to present themselves. Information is priceless, after all!

Love Fan Fest 2019 Friday ended with preparations

I could not stay until late in the evening because I still had to eat and prepare for my interviews. Also, I had to be at Love Fan Fest at 8 am already. For everyone else, Love Fan Fest 2019 Friday consisted of picking up the badges and extra’s and meeting each other already. That was not an option for people with press passes, unfortunately. So, no time for partying at Barcelona Pride, alas!

LFF videos

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Please subscribe to my channel!

ClexaCon 2019 Sunday: Final Goodbyes

ClexaCon 2019 Sunday: Final Goodbyes

ClexaCon 2019 Sunday was a slower day as everybody was saying their goodbyes, visiting the final panels, and facing the first signs of post-con blues. I will tell you all about it in this blog post. I do recommend watching the video below this image.

‘ClexaCon 2019 Sunday’ ClexaCon 2019 Sunday was a slower day as everybody was saying their goodbyes, visiting the final panels, and facing the first signs of post-con blues. I tell you all about it in this blog post:

Late start on ClexaCon 2019 Sunday

I had a bit of a late start this ClexaCon 2019 Sunday. After all, the day before, I had been awake for 22 hours, and I went to the Ascension party. As you can imagine, I needed some time to recover. Still, I woke up in time for the WayHaught panel, obviously.

Honestly, I think this panel is one of the most fun ones every single con. They always have new stories to tell, despite the show not currently shooting for season 4. And some of the audience questions are truly clever. You know, Earpers are fun, and Emily, Dominique, and Kat always make me laugh.


I have to admit that after the WayHaught panel, I returned to my room for another nap. After about an hour or so, I went back to the convention area. You could definitely tell that a sense of sadness filled the air. People were saying their goodbyes to old friends and new friends. They were making their final merch rounds. They were reminiscing. Everybody was feeling the upcoming end of ClexaCon, and the post-con blues were already starting to kick in.

ClexaCon 2019 Sunday: hard to say goodbye

For me, it was also hard to say goodbye to some people. One of the biggest things I wanted to do before ClexaCon was meeting Avon and Lanie, who are the two geniuses behind Beyond Clexa. We had such a good vibe online, and I couldn’t wait to meet them.

Now I have met them, and I hate the fact that we are living so far away from each other and that we had to say goodbye. So, I ended up staying at their booth for about 1 1/2 hours. I definitely slowed down their packing process, but at least we had a fun time. Luckily, after they had packed up, I was able to have dinner with Avon talk about the con and delay the goodbyes for a little bit longer.

At about 9:30 PM. I was crashing. My jetlag had been kicking my butt all weekend, and while I had an absolute blast at the Ascension party, it was definitely hurting my body the day after. So, I packed my bags and went to bed at a decent hour.

Flying home

The next morning, my flight was leaving at a reasonable hour, and so I had a reasonable night of sleep. I was definitely ready to go home because I was missing my wife and son. My son had been having a hard time with me being gone for so long, so it was good that my flight was leaving. This time, I did not have to experience the horrors of the flight to Vegas, and I arrived right on time.

It was a sunny day, and I picked up my wife from work to have lunch together and to discuss all my shenanigans. It was good being home, but it seemed as if I had just come back from a completely different world. It was a surreal experience, and it is good that I shot all my footage. After all, I have a hard time putting into words what a weekend of ClexaCon means to me and explaining all the things that have happened.

Well, I hope you enjoy the videos that I have put up so far and the blog posts that I’ve written. So far, I still have a few things up my sleeve, so stay tuned.

I can’t believe that as I am writing this post, I am leaving for Love Fan Fest in Barcelona in three weeks. Crazy!

ClexaCon 2019 Saturday

ClexaCon 2019 Saturday

I went to two panels on ClexaCon 2019 Saturday but I spent most of this day holding interviews.  I actually had a few exclusive ones and there was a press room interview with One Day At A Time that I visited. In this blog post, I will tell you all about this day because it was stressful and truly heartwarming at the same time. I recommend watching the video below this image too.

‘ClexaCon 2019 Saturday’On ClexaCon 2019 Saturday, I went to two panels but I spent most of this day holding interviews. I actually had a few exclusive ones and there was a press room interview with One Day At A Time that I visited. In this blog post, I will tell you all about this day because it was stressful and truly heartwarming at the same time:

An interview with TWENTY The Web Series on ClexaCon 2019 Saturday

As you may have read in my last blog post, there was a filmmaker mixer on Friday evening. I ended up talking to Lily Richards and Caitlin Combe of TWENTY The Web Series. I was so happy to bump into them because I think their show was brilliant and last year, I didn’t have the chance to tell them that. We ended up talking, and they agreed to do an interview with me. We scheduled it at 9 AM the next morning, so I had a few hours to prepare questions and then go to bed to be all refreshed for this interview.

I’m really happy with how it went. As with any interviews, I was nervous in the beginning. These women were so warm and happy to talk, though, that that we had an amazing time. I left with a really good feeling. I can’t wait to show you this interview, which will be in a few weeks.

ClexaCon 2019 Saturday starts with Nyssara

Then, it was time for the Nyssara panel. I have never watched Arrow, but the panel with Caity Lotz and Jes Macallan was so much fun that I decided to go to this one as well. Because Katrina ran on stage during the panel yesterday, I expected Jes to crash Katrina’s and Caity’s panel too. Well, I had to wait a long time, but after about half an hour or maybe 45 minutes, it finally happened. I laughed so hard. Also, I didn’t know Katrina, but I absolutely loved her personality. She had some quick answers, and I admired how she handled one particular attendee who, in my opinion, asked her obnoxious questions.

Sheridan Pierce and Isabella Gomez

After this panel, I had to run to the press room again because Sheridan Pierce and Isabella Gomez of One Day At A Time were visiting. I was really excited about this one because I know Isabella is a very outgoing person and I wanted to discover what Sheridan was like. I love that she looks sweet but can stand up to Isabella with a single comment. The dynamics between those two are amazing.

Good Kisser

Then it was time for the moment I was nervous for the most. I had scheduled an interview with the cast from Good Kisser. The reason I was so nervous was that I’ve never had an interview with three people at the same time. Also, I hadn’t watched the movie yet. They couldn’t send me a press screener beforehand, and I could not visit the sneak preview because of the press room schedule. I knew the plotline, so I could ask some general questions, and I had to find out the rest along the way. Because three people were talking, it ended up going smoothly, and I felt like we were having a good time.

Girls Like Magic

I feel really lucky because Julia Eringer also plays in Girls Like Magic. Girls Like Magic is one of those web series where I was actually waiting for a new episode every single week. So, I told Julia that I really liked the show. She told me that Shantell was on her way to Vegas and asked me if I wanted to do an interview with the two of them. Hell yeah!

So, after that, I started preparing questions. It was kind of hard because obviously, my press buddies were also in the press room and it’s not like we can talk every day. So, I was trying to catch up as well as prepare for the interview.


Then, I started to walk around because I also wanted to see the Cosplay contest. That room was so packed that I just ended up walking around exploring.

At 3 PM, Mika Epstein and Tracy Levesque from LezWatch.TV were having a data panel. I wanted to show my support by going because we often bump into each other at these cons and I really like what they do. Well, showing my support wasn’t really necessary because the room was quite full. I’m impressed by their presentation skills. It seemed like they were not nervous at all and had fun doing it.

Beyond Clexa’s booth

After that, I saw Lily and Caitlin walking around again. I wanted them to go to Beyond Clexa’s booth, and they said that they were already planning on going, so we all walked to the booth together. There, they found out that their ship name is on the 2019 ship it shirt. They were ecstatic. It was beautiful to watch. We took a bunch of pictures together to celebrate.

I received a text from Girls Like Magic saying that they were ready for the interview. I asked them to come over to the booth. They absolutely loved the representation matters shirt and wore them for my interview. I found out so many new things. Things took a bit of a twist at the end, and I feel it was a very special moment. You can see for yourself.

After this interview, I went back to Beyond Clexa because Lanie and Avon had told me that Jes Macallan was going to visit their booth. We discussed that I would be filming that moment and that I would be taking pictures. Like I said earlier, I was so surprised by the warmth and enthusiasm of Jes. She’s such a wonderful person.

Amber Benson

It was then time for Amber Benson’s panel. I was hoping that everybody could see what I saw in the press room the day before. She is witty and super smart, and she has a great message. I know that Dana usually does not want any sexy questions in her panels but Amber dove right in and gave us a few laughs. I think the entire audience fell in love with her during that panel if they weren’t already.

ClexaCon 2019 Saturday: red carpet

After dinner, I had to run to the red carpet event. It was one of my favorite memories from last year. Things were going to be different this year, though. We were not allowed to hold small interviews; we were only allowed to take pictures. I’m not a photographer, and there were a lot of professional photographers around me, so I decided to do what I do best: I recorded behind the scenes.

Fun fact: if you think the lighting in those professional photos is superb, I was standing on the red carpet before the event happened so that the photographers could test their lighting. Let me tell you: it is super uncomfortable to stand there having a bunch of people taking your pictures. Now I get it why everybody is so nervous.


Because we were positioned at the end of the red carpet, those nerves were already gone by the time they reached us. Also, there was no banner where we were standing, so they put a plant there. It was funny to see some people like Jes, Kat Barrell, and Emily Andras to just jump into that plant and pose. Then it became a thing, and we asked everybody to pose there. It’s super funny to see how people respond to that differently. As I was the last person, I also had the opportunity to say a few words to everyone. So, that made my day. Even though I could not hold interviews, this was still one of the most fun parts of the convention.

ClexaCon 2019 Saturday: Ascension party

That meant that it was now time for the Ascension party. Last year, I decided not to drink any alcohol or caffeine during this convention because of my jet lag. This year, I was not too sure. Someone super nice, whom I already was friends with online, immediately invited me into the VIP area to join her table. I’m still overwhelmed by that table’s kindness. It also led to a lot of vodka. I decided to just go for it because as a mom, you usually can’t party hard. Even though you have a babysitter, there’s always a kid waking up at 7 AM or earlier. I thought: “Why not? Just enjoy it!” And that’s what I did. Thanks, everyone whom I ended up partying with!

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