Nobody Famous – Short & Sweet LGBTQ Movie Reviews

Nobody Famous – Short & Sweet LGBTQ Movie Reviews

This week in Short & Sweet LGBTQ Movie Reviews, you will find the 3 things that I like about Nobody Famous and the perfect mood for watching it. The movie was released May 29 and you can watch it on Vimeo and iTunes. Thanks, Gravitas Ventures, for letting me watch a preview!

‘Nobody Famous – Short & Sweet LGBTQ Movie Reviews’ This week in Short & Sweet LGBTQ Movie Reviews, you will find the 3 things that I like about Nobody Famous and the perfect mood for watching it. Find them here:

What I liked about Nobody Famous: it is not a scary movie

I have been following Adrianna DiLonardo and Sarah Rotella’s Pillow Talks for a few years now and when I heard they made another feature film (after Almost Adults), I was immediately intrigued.

Then, the trailer dropped and I felt a bit apprehensive: was this going to be a scary movie? Because I cannot watch scary movies. As in, Wynonna Earp gave me nightmares. Yes, I am that bad watching something scary.  And that trailer looked a bit scary to me.

I thought it was going to be the classic “somebody is murdering all the people in a cabin in the woods (and they all suspect each other)” storyline.  It might be classic but that is still too scary for me. Still, I had to watch Nobody Famous.

And thank goodness, it was not a scary movie. The synopsis describes Nobody Famous as a dark comedy and that is exactly it. Let’s be real, in a way, the storyline is quite scary, just not in the “I am going to jump up from my chair now” type of scary!

What I liked about Nobody Famous: the attack on actors’ egos

I can image Adrianna and Sarah have seen their fair share of actors. I absolutely need to know where Adrianna got her inspiration from when she wrote this script. The jealousy and the egos of the actors are so out there that I am wondering whether anyone Adrianna and Sarah know is precisely like this. I hope it is just a gathering of many, many personalities all wrapped up into five characters.

I mean, I hung around with amateur actors but they were nowhere near these characters. However, I can imagine that actors’ attitudes change the moment they leave acting school and everybody is fighting for the same roles. This intense, though?

I do not remember how many times I have thought “Oh, no” or Oh, God” when a character said another line or took another selfie. In this respect, Ricky is the most fun (or the most annoying) to watch, with Valerie being a good second.

What I liked about it: the duration of the movie

I do not like how most of the movies released right now are at least two hours long. Many times, they would have been much better sticking to a shorter duration. Before hitting play, I was happy to see Nobody Famous lasted 1.5 hours.

That duration was perfect for this movie. Once Dani was gone (and you need some time to process what you have just seen), I wondered whether the movie was finished or what was in store for me now. How do you go from a scene like that to an ending? There are several routes to take and I certainly was not expecting this one. Maybe I should have, considering the central role the actors’ egos play in this story. It definitely gave me a chuckle.

Is it gay though?

After watching the trailer on YouTube, I scrolled down the comment section. The biggest (and angriest) question was: Is it gay though? The answer is yes. Oh, by gay you mean two women lusting after each other? Then, the answer is no. Dear people, open up your minds a bit more. If that is your prerequisite for watching an LGBTQ movie or a movie created by two out women, you must be missing out on a lot!

The perfect mood for watching Nobody Famous

If you want to watch something fun, have a few chuckles, see some exaggerations, and be amazed by where your ego can take you, Nobody Famous is the right choice. The scenery is beautiful, the dialogues are funny, and you are constantly wondering where this is going (and it might not be where you thought it was going). So, if this is your mood, go to Vimeo or iTunes to watch it.

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