Kaitlyn Alexander Discusses Their New Projects at LoveCon’

Kaitlyn Alexander Discusses Their New Projects at LoveCon’

At LoveCon, Kaitlyn Alexander was kind enough to talk to me for about ten minutes. What a ray of sunshine they are! We talked about LoveCon’, CarmillaCon, Slo Pitch series, and Show and Tell. Below, you will find a part of the interview. If you want to watch the full interview, please watch the video on my YouTube channel.

‘Kaitlyn Alexander Discusses Their New Projects at LoveCon’ At LoveCon, Kaitlyn Alexander was kind enough to talk to me for about ten minutes. What a ray of sunshine they are! We talked about LoveCon’, CarmillaCon, Slo Pitch series, and Show and Tell:

LoveCon’ is Kaitlyn Alexander’s first con

Me: “You haven’t been at a con yet. You’ve been dying to come to one and we’ve been dying to see you at a con. So, how’s LoveCon’ so far?”

Kaitlyn: “It’s like the best experience, honestly. People keep saying that they came here to meet me and I’m like: “No, I came here to meet you!” This is so incredible. Putting names to all the usernames and the faces is the best feeling in the world. I love this; it’s so incredible. I’m so happy I got to be here.”

CarmillaCon created by fans

Me: “CarmillaCon is coming up. How amazing is that?”

Kaitlyn: “It’s like the coolest thing in the world.”

Me: “Did you ever expect that would happen?”

Kaitlyn: “Honestly,  when we did season one, I was like: “That was a great season of the show.”  And I never thought we would ever get season 2 or 3 or a 0 or a movie. So, the fact that there is a con now is like out of this world. I have no idea what is happening, but it’s great.”

Me: “And it’s created by fans.”

Kaitlyn: “Yeah! Which is like amazing; that dedication and that love for the show is incredible. I’m so happy to be a part of it.”

Me: “And it’s in Toronto, so that’s a bit easier with the jetlag. Does that make it more special?”

Kaitlyn: “I think it is special because it’s the place where Carmilla was born. It’s the city that we’ve been all over filming and LaF, in my head, lives in Toronto, so it’s nice.”


Me: “On your YouTube channel, you have been uploading music videos for a while now. Now, you have an album out. Can you tell us a bit about that process?”

Kaitlyn: “I have a five-song EP, which is fun. It’s funny; one of those songs is eight years old. It’s Show and Tell; the video starred my girlfriend.

It was actually written for my girlfriend back when we were only friends in university. That entire album is just songs that I wrote about her. She’s embarrassed about it [ laughs].

It took almost two years to make. Erik Solarski is the best producer. He was like “I love your music. Can we make an album?” It was an incredible experience. I hope I get to make more music.”

Spotify and Bandcamp

Me: “How does it feel to have the finished product out?”

Kaitlyn: “Weird. I searched myself on Spotify the other day and I actually popped up. I was like: “Whoa!”

Me: “You said somewhere that it is better to buy your music on Bandcamp than to stream it. Can you explain why?”

Kaitlyn: “Streaming services pay artists a couple of cents every time we play a song. With Bandcamp, the money goes directly to the artist.

Basically, I paid every musician who is part of the album but the money that I make off the album is going to pay them more. I could not afford their full fee but I do want to make sure everybody gets paid.

If people buy the album on Bandcamp, I have more money to give to the artists who helped make the album possible.”

Slo Pitch series

Me: “I saw some videos and images on Instagram that I wanted to talk to you about.”

Kaitlyn: “Slo Pitch?”

Me: “Yes! Could you tell us a bit more about it?”

Kaitlyn: “Yes. Slo Pitch is a new series that is created by Gwenlyn Cumyn, Justine Nelson, Erin Carter, and Karen Knox. It’s a really cool, funny new series. We shot a trailer. It’s like The Office mixed with baseball; it’s great.

I am a character on the Toronto Blue Gays, which is the villain squad. I really hope it gets made because I have always wanted to play a villain and I’ve never gotten to. Watch the trailer!”

Me: “Is there any way we can support it? Will there be a crowdfunding campaign?”

Kaitlyn: “It’s an IPF thing, which is a funding thing in Canada. Watching the trailer and leaving comments can be the key to us getting a season. So, please watch it because I would love to play a villain.”

Watch the trailer to support this new show!

Kaitlyn Alexander answered fan questions

Kaitlyn Alexander and I talked about more things and they answered three fan questions, so make sure to check out the video if you want to watch the full interview. And don’t forget to subscribe to our channels if you haven’t already!

Also, did you know that two days after LoveCon’, a crowdfunding campaign was created to get me to ClexaCon? It was fully funded in a week. I want to show my gratitude here once again. It feels amazing. Thank you so very much! I will be blogging and vlogging in Las Vegas for you in four weeks!