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Love Fan Fest Photo Shoot and Opening

Love Fan Fest 2018 Part 2: Love Fan Fest Photo Shoot and Opening

This week, I will tell you all about the second part of Love Fan Fest 2018: the Love Fan Fest Photo Shoot and Opening. Saturday morning, I was going to try to get into Love Fan Fest for the second time since my press pass was not available yet on Friday. Because of that, I had missed Shannon Beveridge’s panel and I was a little nervous about whether or not I was going to receive it this morning.

‘Love Fan Fest 2018 Part 2: Love Fan Fest Photo Shoot and Opening’ In this blog, you can read all about the Love Fan Fest Photo Shoot, opening, and Wynonna Earp panels on Saturday. You will also find two videos:

First, here are two vlogs for you! The first one is about the Love Fan Fest photo shoot and opening:

The second one focuses on two Wynonna Earp panels on Saturday:

8 am

We as press were told to be back the hotel at 8 am to pick up our press passes. I took metro line 1 to the hotel. It took me a little longer to get to the hotel than before because the metro apparently does not run that often in the weekend. That meant I was at the hotel at around 8.15 am.

My press buddies had a look on their face and I was worried whether they were upset with me for being a bit late. I was supposed to have breakfast with them after picking up our passes so I thought that was it. Unfortunately, it was the same story as yesterday: nobody knew about the press passes and we were told to wait. That did not sound good.

Wait again

After a while, we were told to go to the merchandise stand. When we got there, they did not know where the passes were. We were told to wait again. By now, there were about five more people waiting for press passes.

At about 9 am, we were pointed at. That made us hopeful. Then, the others were given their press passes and we were not. If you wanted to see me in a nervous state, that was probably the best time. After some running around and phone calls, our contact found a list with our names and we were finally granted the holy press passes. Can you imagine how relieved I was?


That relief lasted two seconds. “In ten minutes, all the guests will come down for the Love Fan Fest photo shoot and interviews. You are supposed to go to the main hall for that right now.” Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? I started to panic. I had nothing prepared. Yes, there were a few questions in my mind but if you have to go talk to actors, who have been asked questions a million times before, and you are new to this and you are recording it and oh yeah, you might also be a fan at the same time, you feel pressure.

I grabbed a peanut bar from my bag because I needed food to think…. I went back to ClexaCon in my head and I remembered how nervous I was for my very first interview and how completely unnecessary that was. “They are human beings too, they can be nervous themselves or they can be completely relaxed, just breathe!!” I kept telling myself.

Love Fan Fest photo shoot

Let me tell you, nobody is relaxed during those photo moments. I remembered the press room at ClexaCon and I could see it happen again at the Love Fan Fest photo shoot. The guests had to walk on the stage in the main hall, where it was completely quiet, and they were asking themselves: how do I need to pose? I tried to stay calm and not let the “OMG – OMG – OMG – OMG” in my mind shine through. I hope it worked :p

To interview or not to interview

After the Love Fan Fest photo shoot, it was time for interviews. However, I was then told that we (the “special media”) were not scheduled for interviews now but that I would be texted when they had found a spot for us. I was on call. It felt good not having to do interviews right on the spot but at the same time, spontaneity is hard too.

Also, I was still in the room with my other press buddies, who were not scheduled for interviews either, when all these interviews were taking place around us. That kind of looked funny. So, I just started to record footage of the guests being interviewed.

When I came back from a restroom break, though, my press buddy was casually chatting with Melanie, Kat, and Dom, who had come to our chairs to relax and wait for their first panel. I felt weird just joining the conversation but all my stuff was right there so it was not like I could simply go anywhere else… Oh well.

I asked Melanie how crazy her schedule was and yup, it was as crazy as you can imagine. She said she had a great agent though, who looked after everything, so she would not get too uncomfortable. We all need sleep and food, after all. I met Melanie’s agent the next day: I can confirm she really looks after her 😊


Then, the guests left and all the visitors entered the main hall. It was exciting to see everybody so happy for Love Fan Fest to start. Loud music started to play and images of the guests appeared on two screens. That footage was shot at the balcony where I would have my interviews later (so keep an eye out for that 😉).

The audience went crazy with anticipation. Then, all the guests entered the room and went back to the stage. They were not told what to do at that stage, so it ended up being quite funny. Everybody but Melanie, Kat, and Dom had to leave again so that everybody’s program could start.

Purgatory panel

Love Fan Fest’s first panel was called the Purgatory panel, which meant that Melanie, Kat, and Dom were on stage together. At one point, Kat and Dom had to leave and the second panel started, which was Melanie by herself. What was cool about this event was that the panels were not moderated. They were simply Q&A panels. That meant the guests were asked the questions that visitors really want to know.


I did think a few times that the questions asked were not that respectful though. For instance, I heard somebody say something along the lines of “I wish everything/everyone was as beautiful as Mel’s ass” before asking her question. I wondered why anyone feels the need to say stuff like that. Luckily, in the very beginning, the guests could not hear the questions because there was too much echo on stage. This was fixed later during the day.

Another example is that in response to a question, Dom explained that she does not want to sing in front of a crowd because it makes her feel very anxious and then a few minutes later, another person asked her to sing. Maybe it had something to do with the language barrier?

On Sunday, I was lucky enough to ask Kat and Dom what they thought of the questions and they were genuinely very happy with them, so I guess it was just me or they missed those things because of the echo. Anyway, I thought there were some truly interesting ones as well that made them think very hard before answering.

More photos and videos

After that, I walked around a bit to take photos and shoot videos of everybody waiting in line for their photos and meet and greets. I asked staff whether I could take pictures inside the rooms but I could not. I understood that but at least I tried for you guys 😊

Next week, I’ll talk about the following panels: WayHaught, Hollstein, Gaby Christian, and Shannon Beveridge. I also have some press footage from the autograph area, for which my press buddies and I had to work hard. Stay tuned and do not forget to follow me on YouTube!

PS Want to watch Wynonna Earp? You can get season 1 here and season 2 here.

Love Fan Fest 2018 – Part 1

Love Fan Fest 2018 – Part 1

Thursday, June 21st, I took a train to Schiphol Airport for a flight to Barcelona. It was finally time for Love Fan Fest 2018! I had already checked in online and took an early train so I was very relaxed. This was my second convention and I could already tell things were going to be very different from ClexaCon.

‘Love Fan Fest 2018 – Part 1’ June 21, I flew to Barcelona for Love Fan Fest 2018. Love Fan Fest is an LGBTQ festival that wants to celebrate, debate, and show diversity and that demands greater visibility of lesbians in films and television. In this first blog (and vlog), you can see me arriving and relaxing in Barcelona on Thursday and you can see how I am trying to get into the festival the next day. Did it work? Find out here:

Below is my vlog. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel!

Different than ClexaCon

With ClexaCon, every small bit of information was available beforehand and the organization responded to your emails. With Love Fan Fest 2018, I hardly knew anything beforehand. I knew that I had a press pass and that I could pick that up during pick-up hours on Friday. There was a rough schedule on the website but never the “real” one.

For instance, I did not know when and where the main panels would be or what they would be about. I also did not know whether press would have the opportunity to talk to the guests. So, I decided to adopt a Spanish attitude and just take things easy. Not knowing what will happen can be good for you sometimes 😉

Exploring Barcelona

After finding my hotel downtown, which was very easy, I took my phone and mic and left for the Sagrada Familia. Yes, that is touristy AF but the first time I saw it was roughly twenty years ago and when I saw it again five years ago, it had changed so much that I just really wanted to see the progress now.

The heat in the city quickly became too much for me, so I took a metro to the beach and walked along the boulevard for a long time. About five years ago, my wife and I went to Barcelona for a few days right after our wedding and this afternoon, I ended up eating patatas bravas at the beach club where we had lunch twice. I really enjoyed soaking up both the sun and the happy memories.

After that, I decided to go for the magic fountains, which would be my third time seeing them but it is always just so chill to sit there and so beautiful to walk around. The fountain show would not start for another two hours but I simply enjoyed eating ice cream and watching other tourists.

Going to Love Fan Fest 2018 – or not….?

Friday morning, I got up all excited. I was mentally preparing myself for Love Fan Fest 2018, thinking about questions that I would ask the guests if I was going to be able to talk to them at all and wondering what to expect. The day before, I had tried to contact the organization again to find out where I could pick up my press pass and whether they had a schedule for me but alas, I received no reply.

I took metro line 1, which was around the corner from my hotel and went straight to the official location. I got out and I thought I knew where I was going. You see, I saw the hotel and a straight line to that hotel, so it made sense to me to walk to the tunnel that I saw directly in front of me.

As I walked to the tunnel, I started to feel very unsafe as it was a big parking lot, a tunnel, and me. What woman does not become uneasy in that situation? As I left the tunnel, I ended up on a dirt road right next to a freeway. Nope. I was not going there. I walked back, luckily ended up meeting a Dutch guy, and asked for directions.  Google Maps was right: it was only a three-minute walk, just not through that tunnel….


When I finally arrived, I asked the staff where I could pick up my press pass. They told me to sit and wait with the other press. I turned around and there were only two others, and one of them I recognized from ClexaCon. What?! That was so cool! Until they told me they had been waiting for 45 minutes already and that nobody knew anything. Eh…. That did not sound promising….

Granted, the wait was somewhat long but not too long (for me at least). It was the outcome that was terrible. There were “no press passes today.” We were to pick them up Saturday morning at 8 am. That was quite some disappointment to process.

First of all, it meant a work day less. It also meant we were not allowed to be at Shannon Beveridge’s panel (“not today, no”). And finally, 8 am is early, you guys…. Look, I am a mom; I have to get up early every day but with the welcome party that night and the prospect of working all weekend, I had hoped to be able to get a little more sleep since the festival did not start until 10 am.

Long lines

On top of that, we had to get in the long line because we needed to show the tickets for the extra’s that we had bought. I did not buy anything but a ticket to the Welcome Party, so seeing that long line for a mobile ticket that you were just supposed to show at the door seemed daunting. Then, the long line was redirected to outside the hotel, which meant you had to stand in the blasting heat. Still, I was happy my ticket to the Welcome Party was still valid, seeing that I did not have a pass to the festival yet.

I needed a restroom break and when I came back, apparently, we had moved to another line. We had been sent to the registration line when all we needed was the extra’s line. After chatting with others in the line (what else can you do?), we were finally able to get our tickets checked. Guess what? My ticket did not need to be checked because it was a mobile ticket. Yup, that is right; I was in those lines for no reason. Lol. At this point, I just laughed about it. So, in total, my first Love Fan Fest day consisted of an hour of traveling back and forth and a 2.5-hour wait.

The first evening of Love Fan Fest 2018

I was planning on going to the Earper meetup in the hotel lobby at 5 pm since I was not allowed to go to Shannon’s panel. However, when I got back to the hotel, all I wanted was food. I took the metro to La Rambla and had a nice big lunch. After that, all I wanted was sleep. My quick nap turned into sleeping for two hours straight and when I woke up, it was already 6.30 pm. Woopsy, I missed the meetup.

I went for a quick bite at a bar near my hotel and got ready for the party. These are the events that I get nervous about when traveling to a con by myself. I wanted to be there to see what it was like but going to a party by yourself is quite scary. I knew the other press people were coming too but since we were not traveling to the party together, it meant we would be arriving at different times.


And yes, I was there alone for about twenty minutes. At ClexaCon, that was no problem at all. After all, they organized speed friending before the con and had two full convention days before their party. Talking to people was no problem at all (outside at least).

Here, I did not know anyone and nobody talked to me. Yup, that is as terrifying as you can imagine. So, if you are traveling to a con by yourself and Love Fan Fest is your first one, I do not recommend going to this party by yourself (if they organize it the same way next year, that is).

Guests at the Welcome Party

Luckily, my press buddies came after twenty minutes and I was fine. At 10 pm, I heard this screaming and saw everybody waving their hands. Eh, all the guests arrived at the bar. Lol, I did not know that was even happening! How cool!

But wow, how intimidating that must be for them to see an entire club run to where they were at. They were guided to this small room and everybody stood in front of that room, taking pictures. People with VIP tickets were allowed in to talk to them.

I decided to go home around 11:30. After all, the second day of Love Fan Fest 2018 was going to be a long day. It would start with the press passes at 8 am.

Watching South of Nowhere Again 10 Years Later: What I Realized

Watching South of Nowhere Again 10 Years Later: What I Realized

South of Nowhere aired in The States from 2005 to 2008. I thought it would be fun to watch the show again since Gabrielle Christian is coming to LOVE Fan Fest. Here are the three things that stood out to me rewatching this show ten years later.

‘Watching South of Nowhere Again Ten Years Later: What I Realized’ South of Nowhere aired in The States from 2005 to 2008. I thought it would be fun to watch the show again since Gabrielle Christian (Spencer) is coming to LOVE Fan Fest in Barcelona this weekend. Here are the three things that stood out to me rewatching this show ten years later:

1.      In South of Nowhere, Spencer and Ashley seem to be apart from each other longer than they are together

South of Nowhere is often applauded for putting a lesbian teenage couple at the center of the storyline back then. Indeed, I was very happy about that ten years ago. Since then, the LGBTQ community often chuckles about how little affection was actually shown between them. The infamous scene of Ashley getting kicked out of the Carlin house was confusing to me at first. Were they even doing anything?

Later, when I saw Mandy Musgrave (Ashley) and Gabrielle in an interview about Girltrash, they stated they were happy that they were finally allowed to show the same degree of affection a straight couple would in a relationship.

Watching that infamous scene again now just made me laugh because a few weeks ago I watched Anyone But Me again, which aired 2008-2012, and as was said during the Anyone But Me panel at ClexaCon, Aster and Vivian had so many kisses and bed scenes, unlike Spencer and Ashley.

Are they together now?

That was not even what stood out to me now. I remembered their relationship but watching those two now made me realize how short the time is that they actually are together. Maybe it is precisely because they hardly show affection? Many times I was wondering about the status of their relationship: is this a friend phase, is this a friends-with-benefits phase, or are they together now?

I feel they faced more struggles apart from each other than together. Also, they hardly ever had to work things out together. This is often explained as Ashley pushing everybody away. To me, it is also an excuse for not showing the nitty gritty that every lesbian relationship faces just like any other real relationship faces. It would have been a great chance to show good queer representation but this writing did not allow for that. I can hear Deadpool saying: ‘Now that’s just lazy writing.’

First date

In season three, Ashley said that the day at the beach felt like their first date. Wow. Yes, they took a break from school together. However, when Spencer confesses she is into girls, Ashley invites a couple of dudes that pass by to join them for the day. Her intentions, we learn later, were to protect Spencer from homophobic comments every single day. Still, turning that day into a big romantic gesture two seasons later just felt sad.

In short, I think it is safe to say that yes, showing that lesbian relationship was great but South of Nowhere did not delve deep enough into it nor did it allow enough time for good representation of an LGBTQ couple.

2.      With respect to Ashley’s sexual orientation, South of Nowhere was afraid to discuss the topic of bisexuality.

As I have become more aware of bisexual representation after ClexaCon, I was left wondering whether Ashley was a bisexual rather than a lesbian, as claimed.

In season one, she specifies that she had feelings for Aiden but that she is now into girls. That indicates some kind of a choice. In season three, Aiden is angry with Ashley and yells that she is a lesbian when she wants to be and straight when it is convenient.

The entire concept of bisexuality (or pansexuality!) does not seem to exist in the minds of the characters. So what if Ashley feels attracted to men and women? Why does there have to be a judgment in Aiden’s comment? After all, Aiden is portrayed as the more open-minded person, even though his male gaze is clearly shown in nearly every South of Nowhere episode. A different, more open-minded approach could have been taken.

3.      South of Nowhere addressed many issues that are still relevant today

South of Nowhere showed me a whirlwind of issues that still seem relevant today. Some of those issues are more relevant in the US than in my own country, though.

Obviously, it discussed issues within the LGBTQ community but then there were also the teenage pregnancy and miscarriage of Chelsea, Paula and Arthur’s marriage struggles, Glen’s prescription drug abuse and addiction, the high school shooting where Clay passes away, Aiden’s PTSD, the racial profiling Clay faces in LA as well as Clay’s struggles with what it means to be black (and what it means to be black in a white family).

Please keep in mind that the three seasons only consisted of episodes of 22 minutes. So many bad things seemed to be happening all the time! No wonder the creators did not have enough time to delve deeper into Ashley and Spencer’s relationship.

Ready for South of Nowhere at LOVE Fan Fest

I know this article sounds as if I do not like South of Nowhere. I do! These are just some things that stood out to me now, ten years after the context in which those episodes aired. All I can say is that I am glad that we have seen progress in queer representation.

I was stoked to see the announcement of Mandy and Gabrielle coming to Barcelona. Can you imagine my disappointment when I found out Mandy could no longer attend? It would have been so cool seeing those two talk about the show again. Still, I cannot wait to see Gabrielle discuss the show this weekend! You can follow me on my YouTube channel. As I did at ClexaCon, I hope to be able to film much material and talk to the guests.

Celebrate Lesbian Life at Love Fan Fest 2018!

Celebrate Lesbian Life at Love Fan Fest 2018!

It is possible you have already seen me announcing it on social media but now I can write a blog about it: I am going to Love Fan Fest in Barcelona!! I am so excited! First ClexaCon in Las Vegas in April 2018 and then Love Fan Fest June 22-24. In this blog, you can learn all about it and decide how quickly you should buy your ticket (tip: very quickly!). You can also find some accommodation tips.

‘Celebrate Lesbian Life at Love Fan Fest 2018!’ I am going to Love Fan Fest in Barcelona!! In this blog, you can learn all about Love Fan Fest, what you can do there, what type of tickets there are and what alternatives there are to the pricey official accommodation. Read it here:
Please subscribe to my YouTube channel!

What is Love Fan Fest?

Love Fan Fest gives Barcelona the first LGBT multifandom event. The organization wants to offer a great festival to celebrate, debate, and show diversity, requesting a greater LGBTQ+ (and, more specifically, lesbian) visibility in films and television.

In short, there will be actresses who play or have played lesbian characters, concerts, different stages, parties, art, and culture.

What guests will be present at Love Fan Fest?

Yay! Fans of Wynonna Earp, Carmilla, and South of Nowhere can be very, very happy! Melanie Scrofano, Katherine Barrell, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Natasha Negovanlis, Elise Bauman, Mandy Musgrave, and Gabrielle Christian are coming to Europe. Goodbye, long travels and expensive tickets! Us Europeans can simply book a city trip and meet them!

There will be panels with them and plenty of opportunities to meet them, get their autographs and take your picture with them. You can even have dinner with them or party with them at Party Love!

What is the lineup for the Love Fan Fest music festival?

So far, Bombai (pop, surf, reggae, and rock) and Pignoise (pop, punk) have been confirmed. They both play on Saturday.

Love Fan Fest activities

This is what you can expect at Love Fan Fest:

Q&A panels

Artists are the main focus of the festival. With the Q&A panels, Love Fan Fest brings together national and international artists as well as emerging talents. The duration is 45 minutes.


Some topics of the conferences will be Sci-fi tv shows and lesbian visibility, gay superheroes and lesbian relationships in comics, film industry and LGBT characters, prevention of discrimination in children from gay/lesbian couples, and LGBT youth and bullying.


There will be workshops where attendees can acquire new knowledge or skills. They usually do not last longer than 4 hours. One or more specialists will talk and under the supervision of the moderator, the participants will work as a team and put the theory into practice. Topics will include creative writing, short story, flash story, and how to start your first FanFic.

  • Photo exhibition
  • Cinematographic exhibition
  • LOVE party
  • Two-hour dinners with actresses and nine guests
  • Autographs
  • Exclusive photographs

Love Fan Fest contests

There are a photography contest and a short film contest with nice prizes, so if you are a photographer or a filmmaker, this might be fun!

Love Fan Fest tickets

The tickets were a bit of a puzzle but I managed to figure them out. You have to buy separate tickets for the festival with the actresses (‘love festival passes’), the music festival (‘festival music passes’), and the personal interactions you want to have with the actresses.

There is one pass (‘love x-treme pass’) that does give access to both festivals as well as an autograph, but the seats in the Q&A room have zones and you will get zone 3 seats, which are not the best ones.

No ‘love festival pass’ gives access to the music festival. There are tickets for Saturday or Sunday and tickets for every day, ranging from a normal one to a gold one (the latter is sold out, though).

Finally, there are tickets for the party (normal or VIP) and for interactions with each actress (autograph, solo photo op, photo op together with one or two other actresses, meet & greet, and dinner).

·         The big ticket puzzle

One thing that may concern you about this festival is that there are two different venues (with a distance of about 2 km between them, which metro L1 covers) and that you have to buy separate tickets. You may wonder whether that might be a barrier for some people, opting to go to just one venue instead.

Accommodations festival and concerts

Love Fan Fest’s first edition will take place in the NH Collection Barcelona Tower. The address is Gran Via, 144, 08907 Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona, which is about 8 kilometers from Barcelona’s city center. The hotel is located in the new financial and economic district of Barcelona, between the airport and the city center. By car, the city center is 15 minutes away and using the station next to the hotel, the city center is 20 minutes away. The hotel is 10 minutes away from the airport.

For June 22-26, there is a special offer for the attendees of the festival. A double room including breakfast is €146+ TAX/night (about €161 per night with taxes included).

For some, this might still be pricey, so I have some suggestions for accommodations below. If you book using these links, I will receive some commission. Think of it as a tip for my help! I have accommodations near the official hotel, near the music venue, in the city center, and near the airport, so you can pick where you prefer to stay.

·         Accommodations in the same neighborhood as the official hotel

These accommodations were available from Thursday to Monday when I was writing this blog. Please note that the neighborhood seems kind of big, so make sure to check where you are staying and how to get to NH Collection Barcelona Tower, where the festival will take place.

·         Accommodations close to the music venue

The concert part of the festival (Escenario Love) is at a different venue: Sala Salamandra. The address is Av. Carrilet, 235; 08907 Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona, which is about 2 kilometers away from NH Collection Barcelona Tower. Sala Salamandra is close to a metro (L8) and train station (R5, R6, R50, R60, S3, S4, S8, and S9). Metro L1 goes from NH Collection Barcelona Tower and has a stop 650 meters away from Salamandra Sala 1; L1 also goes to Barcelona’s city center (Eixample).

These accommodations were available from Thursday to Monday when I was writing this blog. Please note that I have organized the list by proximity to the city center, so there might be some pricey ones on the top of the list.

·         Accommodations in the city center

These accommodations were available from Thursday to Monday when I was writing this blog. Please note that I have organized the list by proximity to the city center, so there might be some pricey ones on the top of the list. Also, the city center is about 8 kilometers away from NH Collection Barcelona Tower, where the festival will take place. Staying close to metro line 1 (the red line) might come in handy!

·         Cheapest accommodations in the city center

These accommodations were available from Thursday to Monday when I was writing this blog. Please note that I have organized the list by cheapest options first, which may be a shared accommodation. Also, the city center is about 8 kilometers away from NH Collection Barcelona Tower, where the festival will take place. Staying close to metro line 1 (the red line) might come in handy!

·         Accommodations near the airport

These accommodations were available from Thursday to Monday when I was writing this blog. Please note that the airport is about 6 kilometers away from NH Collection Barcelona Tower, about 9 kilometers away from Sala Salamandra, and about 16 kilometers away from Barcelona’s city center.


I have just booked my flight using Skyscanner. It is awesome; it found me a Transavia flight from Amsterdam to Barcelona costing only €83. Skyscanner scans for the cheapest prices and you can set up a price alarm to see if prices change.

Update 8/13/2019: I’ve also visited LFF2019!

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